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Hello my lovely vapies! Today we check out the Whip Cream eLiquid line by LongHorn Vapor, get your own here: http://bit.ly/LongHornVapor
“Hip Hop Christmas” by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/

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eLiquid: http://bit.ly/LongHornVapor
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MeanSpirited Mirth says:


MillermanChris says:

pls dont go the feminazi route… u cant look that gurd urself then hate on sexy bottle art…if uv got it celebrate it!!!

Justin Hosfelt says:

merry Christmas tia vapes

Callum Moore says:

Love your videos!!

Keith Adams says:

OK so favorite line from tonight “I feel like I got a mouth full of Creme Brulee”. PG-13 for sure!

Bonnie Burdine says:

You are such a young lady and thats good today women forget their manners and that bugs me i believe a there s a time and place for everything

Mike Gallo says:

What’s not to like here? The eliquid sounds good too.

TheSilverUnicorn says:

has that ring always been on your finger? Did you get engaged??

nyhcdude says:

Hey Tia, just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos and thanks for taking the time to do them…And your hott which makes it all that much better 🙂

Debbie 717 says:

Thanks for the review. I love this ejuice line. My favorite is the strawberry lychee.

lee vogel says:

Wipped cream on them boobies! !

Briana says:

you should try the pin up vapors line 🙂

icelite realm says:

When I was in South Africa Lychee was my favorite fruit. Very sweet even though it looks like a gooey eyeball. Will have to try the eLiquid. Great review as always.

Doug Parker says:

If you like fruity and delicious vapes you HAVE to try Forbidden fruit from prime E-Liquids. it’s Canadian but if you can get your hands on it you won’t be disappointed.

Red Fox Vapes says:

turn the wattage up on that tia! You’ll get clouds for days!

Frankie Moeller says:

who else wants to see her boobs

Debbie 717 says:

I think it is blueberry and apricot

gert fukked says:

yay, puppies – xmas has come early! lolz

llanorick says:

Looks like a good line of juices. Some people will find the art offensive, I would likely find those people offensive. Great video, as always! 😀

b.j darnell says:

hey does anyone know if they have pre-built rda coils? i dont need anything fany just a simple build.

kyle shoup says:

Tia can you please tell me the coupon code for bonzai vapes cuz I want to order the pound it you always mention as a Christmas present so please let me know asap

Nadiekinz says:

I want to quit smoking cigarettes soooo bad and want to do the transition to vaping but I have no idea where to start or if I’ll even like it 🙁 I’ve tried the cheesey little throw away cigarettes and they weren’t too bad but it just didn’t feel the same as a cigarette because of the thickness of the vape and the taste was just terrible. If I could get some help on the subject I would totally appreciate it. I’ve been looking up vapes for days! I don’t want a disposable but I would like one that’s easy to maintain that would give me the same kind of haul I would get off a bold cigarette, ya know? If I could get a straight up answer from someone with experience I think it may help me out. Quitting smoking is just so fricken crazy hard, I think at least this would be a much healthier alternative for me. Again, any help or tips on what i should look for that’s (very) reasonably priced would be awesome ^_^

Emily Nguyen says:

90 vg to 10 pg.

Bassjunkie 1st says:

you tried them in the wrong order lol, shoulda done foreplay, then seduction then the bondage 😛 lol

great vid and love the hair.

Joshua Ybarra says:

in my best Yoda voice …..

gorgeous you are …yes 😉

Stephanie Vapes says:

This is a really good line!

حٍـسآم حٍـسآم says:

I’m from Iraq, how do I get to them Please reply

BadAssVapor says:

huba huba

yourgirlsamthaxoxo says:

here in hawaii we pronounce it the first way you said it… its definitely like “lie-chee” 🙂

Jess Guzman says:

As always a joy to watch…

Krissy Byrd says:

I wanted to let you know that you look very nice in this video hot even the top looks very good on you better I see that all the guys think your shirt looks sexy omg

Chris Good says:

happy Friday Tia!

Tree_Channel says:

I love whip cream☺

Sean Boyd says:

Those flavours sounds so good. Have you ever tried. Vanilla and custard.x

KennyB says:

great review like always. Your hair looks like cotton candy I love it, keep up the great work………..

Kelsey Tedder says:

They sound like good juices. I’m going to have to try them!

Another lovely video.

AnActualBear says:

were did you get those hexagon wall shelves?

Cherish Hellfire says:

Misogyny and sexism have no place in the vape world, if these companies are trying to also sell to women. It just so happens that I am the type of woman who likes Betty Page type bondage imagery. Not all people are into that though. I am very much on the fringes. I find feminism in our own ability to use any power we have to improve the quality of our lives. If this company “Whipped Cream” was a woman owned and run business, that would shed a whole different kind of light on their use of sex in their marketing schemes.
Also: Great vid, +TiaVapes !!!

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