viVape – Review of the viVape Vaporizer

This is a demo of the viVape whip setup. The viVape is a touch screen vaporizer offering bag and whip delivery. Full review here:


CannabisThumbs says:

Flavanoids? I think you mean terpenes…

monsterinkorporated says:


thats the ugliest funkiest looking grinder evah!!!

Volcano FTW!

kenspets says:

you have your temp set way too high ! Look at the Burnt THC on your Wand. You want to start Vaping at 356 – 365 degrees & Gradually add 20 degrees of heat at a time until the THC, Flavanoids & cannabinoids are Spent. If You Vape at too high of a Temp initially you will burn your Herb & Burn the Flavanoids(taste) which help to elevate the experience ! Vaping is in the Taste ! If your Vapor tastes like your freshly ground herb smells ? You’ve got the right temp !

subtledawn says:

I pack my plenty full and it’s done in about five minutes, unlike the volcano or any other forced air vaporizer which can keep forcing more and more vapor out of it. I hate the plenty, bought it three weeks ago, considering selling it already. says:

cosmic case super shredder says:

Bottom line: The viVape balloon system does not compare to the Volcano so if the best experience with a balloon is your goal then the Volcano is by far the best choice. The whip function on the viVape however is amazing and results in some of the thickest, tastiest vapor you can get out of a whip setup hands down. The balloon system needs some revamping tho. I own both and I’ve been using the Volcano or Q at home when I want a balloon and the viVape or Plenty when I want to use a whip.

kenspets says:

Your Absolutely Right ! I was pretty Ripped when I wrote this & terpenes would not register in my mind. I felt Flavanoids was a descriptive enough word to make my point.Sorry ! says:

Dude if you have the viVape you will love the Plenty. The Plenty is great because you can pack so much in and it literally goes on and on and on. So when you are with a lot of friends the Plenty is the way to go. Or use it in bed and if you fall asleep it just shuts off. Sturdy too, dropped it 5ft onto hard wood floor, took it like a champ. Pulls are powerful and thick but if you’re like me its not a bad thing. Use it on setting between 6 and 7.

Nathaniel Hurst says:

my take is that the volcano is the best purchase I have ever made. says:

There’s no standard temp to use on all vapes. Vapes vary in their design and many dont display the temp of the air as its passes through your herb. If using sticky herb you have to up the temp a bit. Generally speaking, 370 (dry) – 390 (sticky) is best. An experienced vaper knows when they hit that sweet spot where you burn nada and get all your actives. Gradually adding temp is NOT right, this slowly eliminates your actives while you get low quality pulls. Start mid range and work up or down.

Cory Martin says:

what kind of grinder is that????

Donald Boyd says:

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Lemon Tree says:

So basically the exact same as the $50 ebay china vapes but at 10 times the price..

Randall Elkins says:

the plenty is an amazing vape

Christopher Spurlock says:

^truth says:

Any residue you see on my wand is from heavy use and experimentation at different temps. Regardless, anyone who owns a vaporizer will tell you that residue and oils build up no matter what temp you use it at, regardless of temperature they will accumulate. My Volcano herb chamber is a perfect example (saturated with oils) and I use that at 365-375.

Bryan Russell says:

Not really a “review” since you didn’t actually tell us anything about it! Looks good though says:

As far as effect goes I would have to give it to the viVape. Results in a much more potent effect from the herbs, pound for pound.

Christopher Walker says:

Update: I bought this & love it more than my Volcano & sadly my SSV. I got great news also, the heating chamber is compatible with standard DBV or SSV glass whips/herb chambers. I am using my old DBV wands that fit perfectly & are much cheaper than buying the screens and glass from vivape 2 retailers. The screens are not the same size, much smaller and the vivape 2 chambers hold less herb but you really don’t have to mix it since the heat is evenly distributed & you get medicated quick. A+++++

EvanJamesProductions says:

@VaporizerSale How do you feel about the Plenty vs the ViVape? I have the ViVape and it is a decent product but I have yet to try the Plenty and i am looking to buy..

twiggmiester says:

Volcano is the best! Buy right the first time! Cheap ain’t good and good ain’t cheap!

Mykamania says:

a great machine, elements of the volcano and a glass on glass whip. It may not be the Volcano but it’s virtually silent, and has to features to it. Plus half the price.

Christopher Walker says:

My question is do I really need this? I own a volcano and my favorite vape the Silver Surfer or SSV which I got customized with a inline vapor tamer and you can even buy ice bongs for this vape. Not to knock this down cause I probably will buy this vape out of curiousity, my volcano already has more dust on it then my winter clothes box’s. Check this out, I think these vapes will blow your socks off silversurfervap . I’m not a sponser, all I’m saying is check it out.

Triple says:


bone banner says:

I’m trying to decide between a volcano and the vivape. I’ve heard good and bad things about the vivape. What is your take on it?

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