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Michael Beck says:

Wow 10 bucks per bag. In the store you get a plasticktube just like yours for cocking meat in your oven, 3 bucks for 5 meter. Works perfekt.

toron2 says:

Can you compare the extreme Q with the Herbalaire 2.2. I can take spent residue from a volcano and still get very high with it in the Herbalaire.

Timothy Bach says:

I bought the Extreme Q for only $140, I’m not wasting my money on a Volcano for a better valve on a bag. Plus the volcano doesn’t have a whip option.

Martin Havens says:

You have some very good information in this comparison but I wish you cut back on the amount of jump cuts between clips. I get you want to include the best takes and exclude mess ups but it’s really jarring to watch.

GooglyEyed Moose says:

I bought volcano bags for my Extreme. works great! The Elbow is great to melt, its like honey, smoke that shit.

B. S. says:

I’ve had the heating element on 24 hours a day for six years on teh Volcano and it’s still working fine.

ed belforte says:

really enjoying your vid’s.. just been diagnosed with CHS.. cannabinoid hypermisis syndrome… i really want to still smoke..enjoy the social aspect of it and really need the meds for medical issues i have. so,,i going to try a good vape and see if it removes enough of the toxins to allow me to enjoy again on a less frequent basis.. i have tryed a few cheap vapes and hated them..looking for a gr8 table top model that pulls good vapors and does not taste like popcorn after one hit ,, ty man doing a awesome job..

dodoz44 says:

You can get a new 2017 model Arizer extreme Q for around $130 now, while Volcano is holding it’s price well. Given the current circumstances, I think Arizer is an amazing budget buy.

Joaquín del Real says:

I used both many times, volcano gets anoying really fast, arizer hands down is better, no waiting, bigger loads, you can plug a bong to it and so on. Sorry volcano but arizer kick your ass

The Vape Critic says:


The Vape Critic says:

+robm425 i’ve heard camelback makes a mouthpiece that fits on the end of the EQ bag and gives you the valve effect

+MrDayday112 thanks for posting, vape it up!

Eric Brenner says:

What about The Phantom?  Is it safe?

WirlWind says:

If you’re using the Extreme Q and not getting as much vapour as you’d expect, there are two things:

– Look up elbow packing. Thank me later.
– Turn the fan on low while heating up initially and give it about 10 minutes. Testing with an IR thermometer (on a forum I was on) showed it took about 10 minutes for the glass bowl to heat up to the temp you set.

I guess the final bit of help I can give is don’t put the black end on the heating element. It has heat-resistant plastic shit on it that can hinder heating (my first session I thought mine was broken, but all of these things learned and it’s as good as my da buddha was).

isra el says:

volcano best

poposisa says:

wow so, I buy the volcano and also I have to keep buying bags? thats bullshit lol

Dan Cen says:

IMO, Extreme Q takes the W because it also comes with the Wipe attachment. Volcano should really do something to make their vaporizer more dynamic. Both look great and this was a good review of both.

Kaelin West says:

I just skipped the maintenance, and I just put my volcano in salt and alcohol because thats what I do to clean all my pipes and bongs, now its not working what should I do? 🙁

MarcyMega says:

Good review mate! 🙂

Tyler Bailey says:

Damn you a stoner lmao. Love the videos though, very helpful. Happy Vaping.

ahl528 says:

What a well-explained and thorough review, thanks man.

franco la rocca says:

I have never used the Volcano, but as far as the Extreme Q is concerned,
it works fine, but the build quality is very bad. Screws make their way through sheer plastic and after you unscrew them two or three times (but even once) the plastic is not going to retain the grooves I have been using it for six months, now, and i am quite satisfied with the vapor, with the temperatures it reaches etc, but now the plastic base is cracked without any plausible reason; it’s never fallen, never had anything at all. I’m talking about screws because you need, every now and then, to disassemble the machine in order to clean it, as tiny parts of herbs and things inevitably go  inside the hole at the top of the vaporizers.One would expect something better for that price. Disappointing.

The Vape Critic says:

+ruptura69 really glad you’re diggin it, and yes it is super efficient

TheBootsand says:

*Excellent* comparison vid.  Thanks for taking the time to post this, it was exactly the information I was looking for.  Very well presented.

ZalaProductions says:

Hey there, I noticed in the end you said that you prefer the Volcano over the Extreme-Q but I was just wondering why exactly? 

I’ve never had a vape before, and I really dont know anyone who does. I was thinking of picking up a vape to help me out with my heavy bong smoking but I’m afraid I’m going to buy something that doesn’t do the job. 

I’ve tried cheap vaps before and they gave me a bad impression, so now I’m a little bit afraid of losing my money. 

I’m not concerned with maintenance or features on the vap, I just want to know if you had to compare the quality of the vapor (and how high it gets you) between the two, which would it be? and just how far are they? 

ruptura69 says:

Great review vid, thank you.  I just picked up a Volcano Digit and don’t know how I lived without it.  Once important note on the Volcano is how efficient it is.  The only vape that’s wasted in the process is what you exhale.  Burns cleans and smooth.  This thing’s worthy of including in my will.

1337fraggzb00N says:

Are there any balloons that don´t hurt the ears?

Zachary Rochon says:

My fan won’t turn on, message me.

Lita Villa-Coult says:

Glass Pike fits into end of tube of EQ… m/m/

Peter Baumeister says:

I have extreme Q and used a volcano and the Q is way cheaper and better I have hose go directly to the L-shspe bowl and just a hose to the bag quick n easy and I use a toothpick to stir and the bags r cheap go to Walmart and get turkey bags and use those 2.50 for 2 here where I’m at and I soak one set of glassware because u get 2sets and one set will soak for 3 days n rubbing alcohol and use a Q-tip and salt to clean glass gets all the good off and I’m ready for clean hits and set the heat to 210 for 1st bag then 230 degress for the 2nd bag and smoke a Lil from the second bag and then hit the 1st bag after and u will taste how good that bud is every other hit mmmmmm well worth it and the Q is going for 150$ fuck the 500$ bullshit I’m not a rich smoker

Igor Ernst says:

Extreme Q also it has a cap for the balloon.
A glass mixing tool not only for mixing herbs and mashing, but also fits
nicely into the mouthpiece, the steam does not leak out.

MrJimodoom says:

Great video as always – idea.. couldn’t you just use the volcano bags on the arizer?

The Vape Critic says:

hey yes both will work with concentrates, the safest way with the EQ is to mix it in with herbs, and the volcano comes with a liquid pad that it can go on inside the chamber.

aside from the V i also think the plenty is great at $350 and the ssv is great at $270

SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says:

Great reviews. Can you vaporize concentrates with either of these machines? Also which is the best vaporizer in your opinion, < under $299? I used to own a Volcano classic but just can't spend the bucks now. Thanks very much.

Thomas GLover says:

as if you didn’t fill them with the vapour! boring

thelocustemperor says:

can you use a water piece with the extreme-Q?

Cody Chapin says:

but is the price difference worth the limited benefits of one over the other? $200 seems like a lot for a slightly faster blowup time and a slightly sturdier bag. personally i am fine with waiting the extra 60 seconds to prepare. i dont consider the remote to be any sort of advantage. i can get up and walk to my extreme q to turn it on. you also forgot to add the fact that the Q comes with an fragrance aerator thing. basically a slightly larger bowl for heating up potpourri to diffuse fragrance. if your gonna have it takin up space while your not smoking, might as well use it to get rid of the smell.
otherwise great review

Jon Smith says:

dude your reviews are as good as anyone on the tube in regard to any product

Bob Loblaw says:

easy valve might not require any care but the solid valve does.


Is there a smell?

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