Vaporite Whip Vaporizer Review

Whats up guys? Here is our review on the Vaporite whip vaporizer. Definitely one of the better whip style vaporizers.

You can buy one or read my full review at


Ayman Nimer says:

How is this a review?
You showed how to use it and that was it lol.

Baked Vape Reviews says:

One time I hid in a closet stoned out of my mind until everyone left and I could sneak to my room to hide. bahahahah

Baked Vape Reviews says:

That is awesome, and crazy!!!! hahahaha

micky7799 says:

So high i threw up

llamainyoface says:

Spotting Coromandel homegrown watched my bro have so many spots that on the final one he sucked up and just passed right out backward on the floor, creating a kind arc shape as he went. I’m pretty sure that’s the only marijuana “overdose” I’ve ever truly witnessed.

kyle1919100 says:

One time I had an outer body experience and I was walking around my friends house but they said I never moved from where I was sitting

Rocky Mock says:

One time i was so high i couldnt open my door.  I had a swipe card not a key. I stood at the door for like 10 minutes.  It was brutal

Joshua Chandra says:

If you have this… what temp you vape at?

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