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Hello my lovely vapies! Today we are checking out my personalized VapeBox! Get your own here:

★What I’m vaping in this video★
★What I use to film★
Camera: ☜
Lighting: ☜
Tripod: ☜
ΩCheck Out My FavoritesΩ
eLiquid: ☜
NEW cCell coils: ☜
On-the-Go devices: ☜
eLiquid&Hardware subscription box: ☜
Almost any replacement coil: ☜
18650 Battery: ☜
eLiquid tester(for beginners): ☜
RDA(advanced eliquid tester): ☜
eLiquid subscription box: ☜
Create your own flavors: ☜
BEST eCig for smokers: ☜
All-in-One(standard ohm): ☜
All-in-One(subohm): ☜
Standard ohm tank(1.0ohm or higher): ☜
Sub-ohm tank(.9ohm or lower): ☜
Large eCig box mod: ☜
Small eCig box mod(unregulated): ☜
Mini eCig box mod(standard ohm): ☜
Mini eCig box mod(subohm): ☜
Mini eCig battery(tube style): ☜
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Vapetress Nash says:

show the stuff already!!!

MARQUE9368 says:

never vaped but you make this seem fun!!!! I better look out!!!

Alec Amos says:

How do you get vapemail??

kelly white says:

I wish I got your box! Awesome!

Miguel Castillo says:

I don’t mean to judge but you have a vape channel and have other people do your coils? Lol

Shadowman says:

i have no clue why the snugnose guys put the Orings in a marihuana bagy Oo thats not cool if someone is clean and was doing marihuana before wtf did they have had in mind with that wheres the connection between both of em …

TrollMunchkinz m says:

Her tits r huuuugeee

Alan N says:

Great review. ima sign up to that subscription, already got the zample box but hey you can Never hav enough juice.. ps Your a beaut. Keep em comming.

Ali al Metwali says:

Oooooh ooooooh

Steve Clark says:

Thank you for sharing your box with us!

TELECOMproviderKC says:

I know this video is from forever ago, but I just got 3 efest 18650 batteries rewrapped for 50 cents a piece. I don’t recycle them unless there is major dents. Nice Review.

I Am Lam says:

ya, i want one! here’s my terms; Send me one Goon RDA in all platinum, one in Sterling Silver, one in pure 24k Gold…..a couple therion 166’s in 24k Gold, the whole line of AV tube mechs , and Broadides, 50 x VTC5a batteries, 1500 ft. EACH of custom fused and framed Claptons, and I’ll give you 20.oo (twenty) USD the 6th Wednesday of every month.

XLT_Prem_ says:

Ur hot af

iGaze says:

Lol they put the screws n o rings ina dime bag XD

Donny Slander says:

All these boxes is like… well kinda surprise-ish items and I pretty much love creamy and tart flavs, like Seven Heaven Zeus

Midwest Vapes says:

I don’t use re wraps though

DeAtHmEtAlFaN says:

sadly the subohmcell seems to be an overpriced rewrapped lg he2

Ellie Karis says:

I really enjoyed vaping (Samba sun) so good! I love your channel, Tia! ❤️

Mike Rushworth says:

I think you and Chris are awesome keep up the good work guys

UltraCakes says:

Dropped like a b0:55


I can’ wait to get mine. I just subscribed so I should get the welcome enthusiast box this week. by the way, I love your videos and recommend you on my channel. your videos are well made. thank you for taking the time to do them for us.

Ryan C says:


MC 808 says:

I enjoyed diving into your box. 😛

infamouscoma886 says:

That companies a ripoff they give everyone the same damn thing! At least zamplebox lets you completely customize your e juice list!

Devin Echard says:

those boxes aren’t worth the price

Brandt Hilsenbeck says:

Dose anybody else agree with me that when ppl do these box reviews just go straight to the goodies stop reading the papers in the box. Is it just me or dose anybody else agree, I’m not being a dick I just get inpatient

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