Vape Breakfast Classics – Pancake Man – French Dude – Juice Review

Join me for some vaping action as I review French Dude and Pancake Man from Vape Breakfast Classics!! Really good e-liquid!! You can purchase yours at:
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Steven Taylor says:

Pancake man tastes terrible it tastes nothing like pancakes. French Dude is delicious and one of my favorite Vapes but it does gunk up your coils.

Jamal K says:

Thanks for the review brutha!!! I have the pancake man and I love it except for the fact that it’s a 6mg nic which is a bit harsh for me. I would love to get it and French dude in a 3mg.

Wesley Kelly says:

nice shirt

josef steiner says:


iBillythekid says:

lmao Andy what’s up with that shirt bro. smh. I’m waiting for French dude and fryd oreos and cream in mail!

Calicoe 313 says:

Pan cake man inhale Maple syrup exhale Maple syrup.Strawberry none pancake none it’s actually quite sickly tasting really if your like me and like to vape a flavour that has multiple flavours like ice cream biscuit and strawberries like Fu-k Jerry kool get some..This is horrible I love pancakes but this it’s Maple syrup with a touch more of Maple syrup yuk.

Khristie Thomas says:

Love the shirt!!

Vinny C says:

Sounds good. But to pricey for me these days. Thanks for a good review

808 Oahu says:

Any givaways for this one

Brandon Stark says:

what ohms do you vape at Andy?

MrSplodyboom says:

Great review, pancake man is my main vape now.

The Green Bastard says:

What’s with the big microphone bud? Do you do other shows or somethin’? You got a ‘radio’ voice!!!

Wesley Kelly says:

$27.99 ???


im confused, ive been buying the small 10ml 3packs of french dude for months then the store i go to got it in the bigger bottles with the cartoon toast picture on it (same font and company btw) and in these bigger bottles i get absolutely no french toast taste, its all blueberry. even the liquid looks different, in the big bottles it looks a nice dark gold colour like it did in the small bottles, but when i fill my tank and the liquid volume is thinned out it goes almost clear unlike with the small bottles that stayed that nice golden colour. total flavor change.

I thought it might be a new recipe since the box art change because id never seen this packaging before, but here i am watching reviews from 2016 when i started using it and its described by the reviewer exactly how it tasted to me… now there is just ZERO french toast

Mike Natale says:

Love this juice. Me and my wife always try to keep this on hand. Vape Society Supply is an awesome site, but I normally shop around for it and typically find it @ appx $19.99 for the package.

ian stewart says:

great review andy 17.99 at

Vape Punk says:

lol i love your shirt andy!

Mike Butler says:

I love french dude it is good in a 0mg

808 Oahu says:

can you do a review on fried cream cakes tastes like Tallahassee or close to it.

Kieri ZippedGnome says:

I’ve heard some really good things about both of these. someone suggested to mix half and half of french dude and fried oreo lol. havnt tried it yet but they swear by it.

Mista L says:

great review Andy, that French dude sounds good.

Wizdumb says:

I almost get a green tea flavor with the pancake man.. It’s not bad though

Brandon Keener says:

you should mix some of that drip whip with french dude that sounds good to me

XpainNfear says:

i love your shirt…..lmfao your crazy Andy !!!!

atown7714 says:

I’ll be sure to have a satisfied hunger before I watch a breakfast vale lolz, Man I thought I was at I-Hop or something!!! Nice

Brandon Stark says:

shirt is priceless hahaha. great review andy

Stanley Jazwinski says:

OMG…first thing I notice was your t-shirt…Love it! thanks for the review…as always

fubar jenkins says:

Do you know if it has diacetyl in it?

Thomas Williams akia5048 says:

thanks bro ill put them on my list peace my friend

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