Aromafuser Aromatherapy Diffuser Review. The cheapest vaporizer on the market and…you can get it on Amazon. They changed the name from Toopoo Vaporizer on Amazon for some reason.

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Reverend Veritas says:

If you like to vape but miss the bong what I like to do is stick the whip mouthpiece up to the bong downstem and take a hit. Nothing like taking two full lungs of vapor from 4′ of pipe.

Bujf vjg says:

“Illicit substances”…tell that to mother nature.

H C says:

This guys sounds so stoned

Federico Marilungo says:

Hi everyone!! help! , i need to know if the temperature that show the display shold be the temperature of the metal grid. I have this vaporizer and i note that it is not working very well. When i test the temperature of the metal grid with a thermometer i see that it was very less than the temperature that the display shows. Plis help me, thanks!

RecnorGaming says:

how many tokes do you get off one bowl bro? 🙂

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