Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Review: Awwww Yeah!

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What is up vapers? I’m back today with a review of a device that I’ve been really looking forward to trying and that’s the Storz And Bickel Plenty vaporizer.

And the reason I was so keen to try this device is because it’s made by the same dudes (Storz & Bickel) that make the Volcano Vaporizer which just happens to be my ALL time favorite vaporizer.

But is the Plenty as good as the Volcano? And what are the big differences? Well I reveal all of these things in this short Plenty Vaporizer review.

Basically the main difference between the Plenty and the Volcano is that the Plenty is that the Volcano is a balloon style vaporizer whereas the Plenty is a whip style vaporizer.

Asthetically though the devices look and feel quite similar. They use the same orange and black colors, they have similar style buttons and they both feel very, very high quality.

But of course the most important thing is the vape quality… and you’ll be glad to know that in this department the Plenty does NOT disappoint.

And because of the in built cooling coil that you see at the end of the vape every time you take a hit from this thing it’s just ridiculously cool and smooth. If you’ve ever used a vaporizer where you get rough, hot, uncomfortable hits then you will be glad to know that this is never a problem with this vape.

In fact I would probably go as far as to say that this is the BEST whip style vaporizer and it’s also probably the best handheld vaporizer that I’ve used to date. It’s almost as if Storz And Bickel set out to do for ‘whip vaping’ with the Plenty what they did for ‘balloon vaping’ with the Volcano. And I REALLY think they have pulled it off!

Overall this is a wicked vaporizer and I’m giving it a 9/10!


Polecatt says:

Can you shed some light on just how dense the vapor from this actually is? I’m looking for a hard hitting vaporizer that gets me ripped. 🙂 
Also when they say that the metal part gets very hot do they mean just the actual inside screen gets hot or does the cooling coil get hot to the touch? 

Sir Classic Rockster says:

Very pleased with my Plenty.

Devil6CR says:

Well I thought it was the best I owned until it died two days ago. I had just bought the Zeus Iceberg chiller and it died. I’m sure its the power cord connection.

Vaporizer Freak says:

It’s my Plenty Vape review: awwww yeah!

The OS says:

so what’s the best vaporizer out there (for a gift)?  I have never used one but want to surprise someone that does – for Christmas.

I have no idea what has been considered by the ‘experts’ as the best thing out there.

tristan whittem says:

turn your videos volume down

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