Rogue Style Mod and RDA Review, Team Knucklehead Vaping

Rogue Styled Mod and RDA
It’s a winner winner Chicken dinner

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Murad Memmedli says:

Which liquid ateist you use.? Vg/Pg.?


Hello, thanks for the review, mine came without coils, what coils do you recommend ? thanks

Илья Техник says:

да збс беру отличный мех

Bielsebub Huz says:

love the review! I bought this Rouge kit from you guys last week, its my new favorite mod! Looking forward to my next paychech so I can buy one more in black! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

SoFlo says:

Ralphy what battery are you using?

SpaceFX says:

Great review just bought mine, for my goon, but that rda looks sexy to, looking forward on building on it,cheers mate.

Jake Thwaites says:

How many watts

Richie Mallette says:

Glad your back Phalfy. ..Awesome reviews , two excellent ones for my B-Day. ..Thanks for this one, after your review I checked out my place Fasttech and Phalfy I tell ya great product for peanuts and clones for me are much better then the Authentic. Cheers my friend. Love your Presentation and the person your are. One Day At A Time.

michaela kerulova says:

how do you fill it up?

yetisuncle says:

ive got two of these, ive got a black ss and a brass. these are flipping bad ass.

sal123ps3 says:

cheers mate have you done a review of the noisy cricket

spook show says:

I bought the same batteries. Went ahead with the 20rs. Can’t wait man!!!

Nipples Nockefeller says:

Awww, nice to come back from holiday and have two new Ralfy vids to watch!…..Cheers:)

zubofsam says:

great review, I think I love you!

Stefan Schmidt says:

Hi Ralfy
Thank for your video.
I got mine from FT today. 🙂 🙂
Only the paint on the RDA (Stainless Version) is not soo good.
Anything else is a very good deal for the money.
I like it 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tony Sutton says:

just orders this when you build on it , do you place your coils top on one post and bottom of the other ??

josh luck says:

Yo ralphy, i cant decide between the mad dog or the rogue. Wich would you recomend most?

Thaaqib Edwards says:

What is the lowest you can build on the rogue

rob jones says:

Nice that is a cool set up in like it good video mate as all way but how much does it cost please

lowe5591 says:

love the videos buddy. keep it up.

David Arlinghaus says:

the authentic spring is completely made of a high grade plastic. no hot button ever.

miguel phillips says:

Nice one m8… Love the channel and the website… Keep em coming….

Turk says:

Do you have machinations to review/stock that there Mohawk mod matey? 🙂

hongwei zhou says:

this mod made from china?

spook show says:

I also loved the candies you sent me!!! I want to start doing my own juice.

SoEzly says:

the name of this RDA?Sry,my english is bad(((

RJ Miguel says:

0.07 ohm build? ain’t that a bit too low?

Tony Edwards says:

Hello Ralph watched this a couple times orderd last week from slow tec arrived today these bad boys rock 22g 5 wrap 2.5 mil loving it. Question do you ride a knuckle

Alejandro Menciones says:

Hi man! i have a rogue usa mod too,and i have a 18650 3.7v battery, but this battery is very poor for this mod, what battery type do you use? i think that i need about 8 volts for this mod, can you help me?

Noah Platts says:

Saw these pop up on the Facebook group – and I must say – it looks even better in motion… Cracking video as per m’chap!


Jacob Combs says:

Try the ijoy 26650. They are the only 26650 that’s made more toward power applications instead of energy like the others! Cheers

Steve Hickey says:

I am lovin this mod. This may be my first mech mod and first purchase from knucklehead.

Mick Hicks says:

Ralfys can you tell me which wire you use for your builds please.Also what batterys do you use for your mech your vids.cheers

Tony Edwards says:

great review Ralph got mine and loving it would advise anyone to buy one of these bad boys. Question do you ride a knuckle

Inabi Uchiha says:

дедушка Вы что здесь забыли?!

michaela kerulova says:

what do you think is better smok v8 or the rogue

Tanakrit Theppatipat says:

Hello, thanks for the review , I ll get one.

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