Review: Arizer Extreme-Q Balloon & Whip Style Vaporizer Demo

Oh yea baby, if you’ve always wanted a Balloon Style Vaporizer but just couldn’t afford a Volcano here is your chance to impress all! Oh yea, the Arizer Extreme-Q has whip style 4 ya too. I like it. Pick one up at VLS: or VapeWorld: ~


silat13 says:

So it has not plug to keep the vapors from escaping when not inhaling?

Krozar TAL says:

Can’t do vape shooters from a Solo. Can’t do balloons from a Solo. Don’t let the cheap control panel fool you, the vape itself is quality.

David Alvarez says:

did your remote work right away when you opened the box?

Krozar TAL says:

Fill bags on the 1 setting. Takes just over 5 minutes but the vapor will be thick.

VapeLife Will says:

Ok thanks I will

Avi says:

I have a solo but could do with a desktop, I love the look of this but is there anything on the market as good or better for the price range?

Mike D says:

Pro tip: The elbow screen pack. Instead of putting your herbs inside the cyclone bowl you take the elbow joint (attached to the bowl) and press your herb into the screen dome.
This creates a stronger more concentrated hit with the whip. Add some kief and it becomes gourmet. I never went back to bags after this.
Also always remember to warm up for at least 10 minutes at 15 degrees higher than the temperature you intend to vape at.

This should produce puffy clouds 😀

Joseph Tucker says:

it annoys the hell out of me how he doesn’t hold it in

VapeLife Will says:


TectonicBreeder says:

haha, dankest home unit i have ever owned! check out my Sap making video, where i use the Extreme-Q as a heat source to melt the lipids and impurities of 6 different types of budder and honeycomb

VapeLife Will says:

The Vapor Spot maybe?

Ryno Mayer says:

Funny you talk about your burns, I just burnt my pinky with it yesterday lol. Nice video, sir. Oh, and whip style all the way 🙂

VapeLife Will says:

Glad I could help, VapeLife Baaaaaaaabyyyyy!!!!

Francis Pelletier says:

Nice Vids and nice Vaporizer too !!

Lucas Silva says:

Is it better than the solo?

Marcus Dickson says:

Would there be a better unit to compliment the Vapir N02 I have?

zNazaretu says:

Yo this is a review I can actually listen to. Nice introduction!

Steven Mack says:

This thing is great smoked about 2 ounces with it for the 2 months I’ve owned it

Sam Joseph says:

i think its quieter lol. hence the “Q” at the end of extreme-q

extriotic says:

Yo, check your YouTube messages.
I did some graphic design for you, the I sent the pics to your youtube inbox. Hope you like them!

jvis300 says:

GReat review Will.
Use this bad boy er day. Excellent vape. Favorite part= whip style.

Nicholas Cash says:

You aren’t even inhaling.

MikeyC Likesit says:

I had found a tip are u supposed to heat the glass piece up first before the herb

MichaelBFusion says:

Hey, you didn’t even grind yours up to “sand” like all these other videos are telling me to do to get better vapor. Mine’s a year or two old with mild use, why can’t I get massive hits anymore? I open it every 1-2 months, disconnect everything and air-clean the inside and everything!! 🙁

VAPORS says:

Extreme Q Rox

David Drum says:

Question: How many bags do you get with one chamber full?

VapeLife Will says:

What are the differences?

Gh0streach says:

LMAO & ROTFL @ 2:28

“In fact I’m back, still part Black.” lol fucken made my day dude!

MikeyC Likesit says:

a picked up 1 but my bag was open when I had bought so I taped it and now it kinda doesn’t work so idk could anyone help me

hiddenherbjutsu420 says:

I just got mine about three days ago. Its perfect i vape at 220c (428F) with the whip and fan on 1. Works great so far i hope it keeps going strong so i dont have to cash in that 3 year warranty

StonerCast says:

That little shake you do while filling bags is a great idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Great tip! Nice review and thanks for checking ours out! VapeLife baby!


are you able to mix waxes in with the weed for this vaporizer? #vapelife

brucebannor says:

New model has quieter fan, less power consumption, heats up a bit quicker, slimmer design. The first model was just the extreme, no Q.

xxFinesse82xx says:

looks so tasty

Emc Fraktal says:

Great Video bro,I’ve had one for a cpl years now great unit to own.

IndyJay says:

got some tips for arizer over on my channel

HotSauceFan9 says:

That thing is sweet!

Alex Jimenez says:

Extreme Q or the solo? Thanks for the vids bro!


Does this give more vapor than the portable Arizer Air? and is this true
convection like the Volcano but more than the Arizer Air?

VapeLife Will says:

VapeLife Baby. 🙂

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