[Prt.2] Easy Vape digital vaporizer Unboxing Review Smoke Etc..

I think I fucked up, it was really hot. i didnt’ wait to put the vaporizer to cold and it was really hot lol. it almost burn the weed, it didn’t guys.. but yeah it was really brown…..! some suggestions? the taste is like brand new like pop corn lol.


Cody says:

Lmao, yes you burnt it. Why all the hate? I thought this was some funny shit!

Wayne Wilkin says:

Use a grinder, you loose all the terpenes from the weed when you break in apart with your fingers

MrLINO83 says:

you guys, name of the Snoop’s song in the background ?? BTW: can’t stop loughing, the end of the vid. is hilarious! Thx.

David Bruce says:

this is hilarious! l’m sure he knows how to use one now, though…  😉

C. Carter says:

I think it burned because you didn’t wait for it to cool down. Anybody with the EZ vape have a good recommended temp?

HighSkunk says:

god the fuck lol

NGT4LIFE says:

from 6 minutes onwards,this shits too funny….

Mosey Burns says:

Cannabis is only easy to crush by hand when it’s super dry. I’m thinking about getting on of these vapes, and your review both made me laugh and educated me on the product. Well done, subbed.

Lisa Anderson says:

Yep! You burned it. When it’s black it’s because its combusted.
It will do THAT when you have it up too high.
Set it at 286.
Wait 10 minutes.
Think of it like an oven.

Rolando Ramirez says:

funniest thing ive seen yet. “guys…guys did i burn it..ooo god. oooo boi.”

charleswatson332 says:

Looks like .8

ShallowDepression says:

I’m think I’m getting the Black lung pops.

Happy Gopher says:

man that was so funny, I so needed a good laugh, sorry no offence dude. keep up with videos. 

Zach F says:

you put too much in there.

J V says:

Oh man thanks dude that was a great laugh especially the last minute omg

Larry Gaming says:


Efrain Espinoza says:

yousss a stupiddd mooofuckkaa ahahahaahahahhahahahah

NGT4LIFE says:

230-250 is the best temp with that vape….

Zerohaxxis says:

A razor to pack your weed lol

Ryan Grauer says:


Isaac Phillips says:

lmao he’s baked!

Austin Reed says:

English mother fucker do you speak it? and did you walk away to cough?? dafuk?


got the fuck !

Gerald Wagster says:

proper temps leaves a reddish residue not black. you empty out as much as you put in and toss it.

Jessica W says:

I set mine at 350 and mine vaporizes my weed just fine

Gogoris Channel says:

is this made of plastic?

Dre Val says:

You burnt the shit out of it lol

Del Maupin says:

Does look burnt

Andrew Bott says:

The color i think is because you turned it down and didnt wait for it to get to that temperature so it was still burning at like 330-350

James Aspenwall says:

Lmao you burnt it cause you shouldn’t have been coughing with a vape

Samuel Perdomo says:

Am I the only one that feels like his voice sounded like shaggy near the end of the video?

Brandi Harrigan says:

Yeah, turn your temp down, I’ve been hanging between 250-285. Also, if you pull slower the heat will distribute more evenly. Finally, every 2-3 hits, take the glass off & shake/mix it up. If you take smaller hits & turn your temp down, the coughing should ease up too, at least until you’re getting to the end of your session.

Ravensheart2000 says:

coffee grinder…

CyberAngel358 says:

The bud is suppose to be a light brown when you finish and no smoke should be visible while vaporizing.

Ohad Ellis says:

Dat cough… :O

Andrew Gonzales says:

Hahaha Ayy just fukked up my scayyle

Andrew Bott says:

That was honestly the fastest ive ever seen someone break weed down with there hands. You could even hear how dry it was.

Jessica W says:

For those who don’t know, you can re use your weed after the first time you vaporize it.  Sometimes it takes longer to get the desired effect the second time, and sometimes it is just as great the second time around.

Jessica W says:

My weed turns golden brown after I finish vaping

Roma Aztec says:

No pos wow haha

AlabasterSmudge says:

That was cool. A huh huh huh huh



Roy Poud says:

..Yeahp! you burned it think. im no vape expert. thanx for sharing the vid though,every bit of knowledge we share,our corporate masters lose a bit of power over our futures. R`

emailsallday says:

Dry ass weed.

MT AKinderWorld4aLL says:

first clue you burnt up your shit is it tastes like popcorn Lmao turn it down to 180-200

Ravensheart2000 says:

Try like 180 or lower. True vape

BigDH28 says:

Lol @ “did I burn it?” Lol, what was your first clue?

Mosey Burns says:

Cannabis is only easy to crush by hand when it’s super dry. I’m thinking about getting one of this vapes, and your review both made me laugh and educated me on the product. Well done, subbed.

yoomarquees23 says:

3:52 that’s much better huh? Lol

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