Out of herbs or running low? How to get more vapor with post vape (ABV)


Danny Hernandez says:

u can also send ur vape 2 the repair and they will ajust ur knob 2 be calibrated right. thats what i did 2 make sure i was ghetting the right temps down. i waited about 2 weeks and when id smoke normally it made me appreciate the vapor and miss it

OGdank13 says:

@vaporbros nice dude ill be tunin in as usual

Danny Hernandez says:

i notice this helps but i have to hit it harder cause the herb kinda cloggs the screen

Vapor says:

@brent907 Editing that video right now. 😀

Anderxale says:

@vaporbros You can take the little “honey” pieces and revape them on top of spent herbs. The vapor is THICK and after you take one hit stir it into the spent herbs to get a higher surface area!

OGdank13 says:

why dont you do more vapor mail

Vapor says:

@RKTologist You watch the how to harvest honey video. 😀

Vapor says:

@OGdank13 I am totally down to do Vapor Mail Round 2. Coming soon…I filmed about 7 vids today. 😀

24343tgtre says:

@mouffpiece i got a dark coffee and i get about the same amount of hits at the same dial too

Taydrum says:

I always do this! 😀

Doc Carse says:

dude i love your videos and it made me buy a VB vap but i am a little confused on how much to put in and what tempture it should be at can you make a video for that??

RKTologist says:

what happens when i do this and run out?

Vapor says:

@BuddhaSt4nk Thanks man! The track is: Blockhead – The Hucklebuck Slice. Enjoy!

mouffpiece says:

i got my dark coffee vb about 3 mo ago.. and ive tried setting the dial to 12 o clock, but sometimes that has actually combusted the herbs into smoke, so i usually vape at 9 o clock and the herb still comes out dark brown and only get about 5-6 hits… any advice? maybe just hitting to slow?

Vapor says:

FYI: This technique can by used on any other vape out there, not just the VB. Happy vaping everyone!

ChadCrosby says:

hey man, good video ive done that before. dont taste the best but it gets ya through the hard times.

Vapor says:

@mouffpiece In a couple rare instances I have seen a VB vape with a temp dial that is a little off. It sounds like setting it at 9 o’clock is the equivalent of my 12 o’clock as I typically get between 5-6 hits (when I am not trying to do low temp hits to conserve). However, it also depends on the dryness of your herbs. I just had really dry stuff that I needed to set the dial @ 10. And yes, you could try hitting it faster..but it sounds like you’re doing it right at 9 oclock. Happy vaping!

tknick90 says:

Ripping your vape through a bong attachment does wonders when you’re dealing with ABV. I find it makes it easier to extract those last few cannabinoids.

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