Nic Salts Virgin! + Announcements + Rambling

I vape nic salts for the first time and get a buzz. Plus, some announcements and random ramblings.

I expected this to take 10 minutes 🙂


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David Manning says:

Hello Ger,

To confirm Ryan Cairns’ comment Fasttech do stock long curved drip tips which I think will set off your pipe very nicely, they’re plastic 75mm long and come in several colours, they do have a fine slightly raised rose pattern on them but being all one colour it isn’t really noticeable without close inspection.

When it comes to soldering you’ll want an iron with interchangeable tips because using a thick fat tip on small components will only end in grief, like using a sledge hammer to knock in panel pins which will end up a disaster no matter how gentle you try to be,

For soldering a component into a PCB, let’s say a resistor, once you have the legs bent and inserted into the PCB and held securely, the trick is to place the tip of the iron against both the track pad and leg of the resistor then do the same with the tip of the solder wire on the opposite side, once the solder starts to melt coating the pad and resistor leg, take away the solder and flick the soldering iron tip up the leg of the resistor and away, once the leg excess is cut off you’ll have a connection that looks like it was done at the factory (exact same technique for soldering wires into a PCB, although this might take some practice before you set to on the DNA 75C)

For PCB work you’ll need multi-core solder (thinner the better) as that has the correct amount of flux running through the cores so you won’t need to add any more, for soldering two wire leads together adding a small dab of flux on the exposed joint before soldering heats up the wire quicker so doesn’t melt away the insulation as much, it can also help when soldering a wire lead to a large metal surface that doesn’t seem to want to heat up (but never use it on anything gold because with gold it’s less is more)

One word of caution though when using flux, as it heats up it produces a lot of fumes (like smoke) and if that goes in your eyes it stings like a bitch.

Mark Carlson says:

Go around 1.5 ohms for that nic salt at 10 to 15 watts. Don’t expect much flavor. Thats why I don’t use nic salts..

Yashin Lallchander says:

Looking high AF. Keep doing what you do, that’s why we watch.

Goutham Mannuru says:

by solo you gonna talk for 2 hours LOL

Lurchlee says:

I like the products you review, it’s usually unique and other reviewers don’t review these items

Robert Hoopes says:

Get a Kangertech Uboat and and some Solace nic salt juice from Humble Juice Co., I use the 50 MG and it is smooth vaping with my Uboat pod.

oldskooldeano says:

Good luck with everything. I’ve always seen you as a squonking enthusiast who made videos. Seems natural to take the next step.

Mark Nodine says:

Hey, Gerald. Glad to see this vlog. You seem so positive and optimistic. Great to see, man. I wish you well on your new rda and am looking forward to it very much. Thanks for your reviews.

Terry Rogers says:

I mix my own liquid and tried using inc salts. It seems to mute the flavour somewhat. That was at 2 mg.

Mis en place says:

You DO look “smashed ” man ,LOL. I agree with you on the flavour chasing & have given up on China/mainstream. Europe seems to be the place to go for gear.
YES! you pay for it, but the return in quality is well & truly worth it.

Darkaholic Saiko says:

I’m vaping the VGod Cubano 25mg NicSalt on my Kayfun Prime around 2 months now and i really enjoying that strong hit and the nicotine fix..
Recently i found my perfect build for my Prime it’s a 316L micro fused clapton 2x30g fused with 38g with 2.5mm ID and 5/6 wraps came out 0.47 ohms using Temp Ctrl on my Therion at 25w @ 220C with the airflow on the second hole it is an amazing vape..!
Sending greetings from Greece..!

Juan Veloz says:

i found a really nice set up for nic salt is called the ego aio eco

Michael Corino says:

Are you going to review all the new regulated squonk devices there’s a lot of new ones that are coming out some already are one is called The Rage and it is 155 Watt dual 18 650 or 20700 and also 21700. Also there’s one that’s out right now that Vapor DNA is selling 108 Watt squonk single battery just like the other you can put all three different size batteries in it then there’s another one that’s out a hundred Watt squonk mod. Come on brother need to do it for us guys out here

Alaskavaper says:

Hey GK are you having an early mid-life crisis, amigo? Some weird gear there. I used to be a tobacco pipe user but for vaping it is laughter provoking, ha, ha, ha. Might try the salts with the Beserker RDA with tightest hole, could be nice. Really a pod system would be best for 50mg salt nic. I am getting a Smok infinix and a newer UPEN, and look forward to trying this MTL approach. You might try wrapping a 1.2ohm coil for the Kfun. I enjoyed it when you began your channel reviewing clones. Once you got grabbed by squonk fever you were on your way into high end beautiful gear. If one has the money that is a great way to go but for poor retired guys like me I began skipping some of your videos. I really like the cotton wars but it did not seem to get a finale but, perhaps I missed. I was always cheering for the Rayon to win but right now I’m a cotton Bacon guy. Would consider giving the new Vape COTN a try. No need to even touch it with the hands. Best of luck with your RDA project. I will be looking forward to get one when it hits the market. DIY is a wonderful passion to pursue. I have been DIYing for several years now and very rarely ever purchase commercial juice. Opps, see you are referring to diy mod’s. My bad, writing this as you are speaking. Great vlog, Gerald. It has been most enjoyable to learn about you dreams and how your fulfilling you aspirations. Whatever occurs, I will continue as a faithful viewer.

Danny Pearman says:

Nicotine RUSHHHHHHHHHHHH……….so funny, you face when taking a hit. Keep on with what you are doing, you do it well.

javier morales says:

I am using also nkd 100 nic salt 35mg pog flavor vaping it on the boulder quiet a good smooth hits and also a good nic fix.

Marco says:

you can use a 5mg nic salt safely in a sub ohm setup without killing your throat

Olecranon Rebellion says:

That mod looks kinda funny.

YouFeelSomeTypeOfWayThen. AhHa says:

Nice Video…. I wanted to ask your opinion on a RDA choice! I purchased the BB B2K after watching your video on it. I was wondering if you feel like there’s a big enough difference flavor wise to spend $150 on a Haku.

Armen Mangyan says:

you are looking for stems called CHURCHWARDEN Style try

badaszewski says:

Hahah you crack me up man

William Teh says:

im excite for ur rda…

Daniel Frost says:

Geekay is highend!!

john carter says:

Hahahaha got a head spin…….keeps puffing

Mr. Zort says:

Try if you got the dime. Cheers

Conor Waldron says:

Also look up runt mods in uk the runt tini is one of my favourite squonk mods is smaller that anything i have seen or own i love it

Tysun Yihan says:

Geekay n co: Please recommend good sites to get reasonably priced nic salt liquids in Malaysia =)

Sankul R. Mandavia says:

You were one of the first links I found when I started vaping. I also prefer single coil and restricted vape but can’t see myself spending for the high end stuff. So I watch your reviews, and buy the simple Chinese stuff that you like but is affordable. Keep it up, and can’t wait to see your rda. Good luck!

Mike Chelton says:

Yes the recurve is amazing even Todd review liked and higher end rda airflow. Also only 30 buck and squonk without leaking

Kiddbass says:

Salt nic goes directly to your blood like a cigarette. That nic salt is for mtl only. Surprise you didn’t knock your self out. Stop doing it that way because Your going to have a heart attack.

Nick Kaloterakis says:

A few long pipe drip tips here:

Mike Chelton says:

I’m definitely interested in ur rda. I like alot of the rda’s u keep or rate higer. I’m still waiting on my basic and karma rda. One rda had nice flavor but some.of my builds just not enough airflow. Really like my haku. Be careful who show even patreon bc alot of greedy people in the world. Good luck with

Guinea54 says:

I wouldn’t use that in a rebuildable tank.. Better off in a pod system or higher ohm coil with less watts. Btw what happened to wicking wars?

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