Mr. Solo Dolo Feat. Arizer Portable Vaporizer

Mr. Solo Dolo gives some Shoutouts. Rants. Demographics. Love my Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer. AMAZING VAPOR. Not too harsh. If u are thinking about picking one up you can get them at Trusted Authorized Dealer The VapeLife Store: or VapeWorld: ~


Firstname Lastname says:

it took me almost 17 minutes to find out that at least your shorts and your shades match the occasion….GREEEEEEEEEEEN!!!


Nice vid bro. Tell me… Is a Vaporizer better than a Joint? Can a vape takes u higher as a Joint? Thanks dude.

tristan davis says:

We’ll now I feel guilty about commenting. Lol

zero welch says:

once again VAPELIFE, spot the FUCK on yo bro! with all your info its soo LEGIT MAN! spabk that herb keep doin whatcha doin aye! stay up!!!

VapelifeRed says:

Dude why would u want a wood stem that would taste like shit it won’t break as easy is the only upside

Jacob Kayser says:

I’m 18 and love your vids man! VLB!

mkebrewcity says:

I got my Arizer Solo and that thing “Tears Ass”….”vapelife will voice” my question is i want to upgrade the stem to the wood stem but heard if you do that you cant go back to glass on the unit is that true?

LulzRoyce says:

9 and a half minutes of bullshit, vaping starts at 9:30

VapeLife Will says:

Hey thanks for posting back after your purchase 🙂 It brings me great pleasure to read your words and know that you found satisfaction in the Arizer Solo. Me too! Vape on my brotha…VapeLife Baby!!!

Thomas_Deckard says:

VapeLife Baby… Loving these videos brother!

Kyle Chow says:

Hey Vapelife Will, I recently have gotten tired of my bongs and pipes and spent a solid 5-6 hours researching portable vaporizers and no one could give even half as solid review on any vap as you do. I decided on buying a Arizer Solo and I am waiting for it in the mail :). Once again keep up the kick ass videos will

George Juarez says:

Vapelife, amazing


u da man!!

Marcel GG says:

first i love ur videos rly nice and u are rly funny and entertaingin  and secondly i watched this video stoned and was paying attention to ur sunglasses wanne see what u were doing on ur pc ^^ and then at some point it hit me wow the reflection of ur pc screen in ur glasses look like pupils and it looked so funny well maybe only because i was stoned but if any of u are stoned and watch this vid pay attention to i it will bust ur gut

GunHarmony says:

yo bitch dont u talk down to me, if i have health concerns i have the freedome to speak about that shit, if you got a problem you can go fuck yourself or get fucked, know what i’m saying?..

VapeLife Will says:

Thank you but…. you should consider letting your brain finish maturing before you vape, my opinion. Thanks for watching youngin 😉 VapeLife!

Ydontyou Fvckoff says:

Moderation is the key young one ^_^

ibjames says:

you are awesome, don’t worry about the haters

d c says:

I want to get this vape so bad ! I heard vaping is even safe for people who have asthma.

ThespiritMolecule says:

cool i watching this because one week ago i was in the hospital for a week, im not a junky but i want live healthyer and quit smoking nicotine but, i dont want to quit smoke weed is this vapor a good one or do you suggest a other one im searsching fot a vapor thats easy to clean and make me high and its give a good taste

VapeLife Will says:

Thank YOU! VapeLife Baby!!!

Nathan Arriola says:

I like you guy

darrenwilsonV2 says:

Nice one Vapelife!! I really want to see you annoy some of those Ascent fanboys. As you say Solo is king. Keep vaping man 🙂

luis fernandez says:

Im a fan of your page and im 17 ..I know people can be dicks but you can let it get to you or you’ll go crazy..ceep doing what your doing if it makes you happy and fuck what the ‘youngens’ say

pitbrand says:

You are so right about whats up with people now knowing how nice these vapes are, and the clean cerebral buzz you get from using the vaporizer. I just recently bought one that works, unlike my earlier experiences with the vapes from years in the past, and I have become inspired to spread the word and enjoy the views of others. Peace

Musty Pipes says:

Just snagged this guy because you ranted and raved about it…Its legit no snake oil here. I admit i was a bit hesitant only because i owned the extreme q,it was a good but with many caveats compared to my volcano digit,yeah the volcano is more but in the long run…No glass parts,better bag without having to modify it,sturdier build not the the q is bad though. Im in your 3rd demographic by the way. Thanks for the review on the Solo.Hand+Solo=Greatness..Peace & cunty people bum me out.

mike brig says:

VapeLife Will- when I order my arizer solo will I be getting the m-106 Arizer and not the m-104 when I use your link to order it?

MastaChinks says:

Dude word up! I’m 18 and I’d never dare to talk shit to you. I love your videos and love you as a person. Stay green. Vapelife 🙂

PhalseProfit13 says:

i need a new one as my vapir 1 is starting to pack it in, am thinking about getting the vapir 2.. but also thinking about getting the puffit. so yeah….thanks for the vids man… Stu

Brandon Hamilton says:

Haha your a fucking homie. I wish I could chief with you no homo

BRC says:

Ha ha This is your best video….Do what you love!!

malcoperegrantus says:

this dude convinced me to get a solo, and he was 100% right on

LesionPVP says:

Yo, my dog tellen them haters wassup, you keep doing what you’re doing, I’m 14 and I find your videos to be very helpful and entertaining. You remind me very much of my friend Anthony, he’s a very strong leader and I bet you are too. Love on brother and good luck with your vapes

MrKoronaaa says:

review ploom modeltwo! plz!!

Karl Heinz Grabowski says:

so the bowl actually lasts longer if you’re vaping at a lower temperatur?

Alex Bidwell says:

I’m 15 btw I am mature and I love vaping my parents don’t care and I love it and I love your video sooooooo Mmmmuuuuccchhhhh

Bob Marley says:

keep doing wat u doing bro peace n love from Australia

David R Brown says:

At 61 I am in the older demographic, Canada  Subscribed for a while.  using the solo but still like a joint.

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