Linda reviews the Silver Surfer Vaporizer SSV Silver Surfer Vap

I’m back with one of the most popular and best performing vaporizers out there – the Silver Surfer Vaporizer! I got mine a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a lot of solo practice before giving you all a review, as I’d previously only tried it a few times. Although this is meant to be used to tobacco or other herbs, I think it is perfect for medical marijuana patients to use as a cannabis vaporizer. Extremely customizable from the graphics to the hose to the baseplate and even the heat cover – it’s hard to not drool over this thing. With great warrantees, extremely durable aluminum housing and a quick-heat ceramic heating element, this vaporizer is definitely among the top vapes out there. Check out more information at

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MrBlasturbator says:

I love my SSV! I’ve had mine for about 6 months and it’s become my favorite vape. I am glad to see more people reviewing this fine product! I look forward to more videos from you Linda!

TheMasterMisael says:

you growing? pretty sure i see some nutrients in the background

brandon nunez says:

Your hot

Wiggibow says:

get the water pipe adapter Linda! I swear you’ll never go back to dry vaping again once you’ve ran it through a nice bong 😀

iRaskulz says:

It’s $379 for the Wave Rider Series which is the copy seen here, doesn’t make the review bad by any means.

I’m getting one!!

Linda 420 says:

I have been known to grow from time to time 😉

Joe Kim says:

please post soon, eager to see and hear about that vape.

Super Name says:

Greatest vap in the world.  I got to tour their factory right as they were starting up as a company, very cool people indeed!!!  They have helped me out and hooked me up many times.  Love these guys!

Linda 420 says:

I was giving the price of the standard model as that is what most would get. Also u cannot use it with a bong without a separate adapter. I’m reviewing it “as is”

dwengz says:

mine got confiscated 2 yrs ago. =[

Linda 420 says:

u should get it back

iRaskulz says:

Oh… 1:17 was kind of an aha moment, no other review mentioned that piece that came with it. So it is truly somewhat hands free no matter what whip.. aside from having to hold the mouth piece.

Joe Kim says:

whats the other vaporizer you fell in love with thats made by silver surfer??

Linda 420 says:

Of course – I have to sit down and get it all done – hoping to get a few reviews posted this coming weekend as I’ll have 3 days off

makemusicnotwar says:

you can use this piece with a bong as well…
and its 369 for this model from their website not 269.
The silver surfer imo is the best vape out there.

toobroke2fight says:

I have just become a medical cannabis user. I went to and picked up the Volcano Digital and the Da Vinci Ascent. In all my shopping and studying of Vapes I noticed EVERY ONE had a disclaimer stating that if you use any illegal drugs in it the warranty is void! You cant ship it back with the smell of cannabis on it. They know everyone uses it for pot so they can get out of the warranty this way. more $ in their pockets! I had a small issue with shipping and VapeWorld fixed me right up. great company.  love your videos Linda.    Joe

Seth Magik says:

Linda I am considering the silver surfer for my meds at home. What do you think of the PAX for portable or is there a better portable vap?

raaider100 says:

I like your videos. Thanks!

I got da buddha, an earlier model of the silver surfer. although it’s great for taking hits, i found that taking hot air in directly through the tube made my lungs hurt. I’ve been toking for a long time and I never had that happen before. I tested it a couple times and even at a mid level heat, my lungs would hurt.

I’d fill the bowl 3/4 full. i ended up buying an ice bong to filter the smoke from the vape. it works well but it’s a hassel to set up.

korn2040 says:

Hey Linda if you had to choose this or extreme q 4.0 both are $120 witch would you choose

terrible tarans says:

cute girl!!

Linda 420 says:

trying to get more pieces

toobroke2fight says:

Im learning Linda! I have no friends that are “stoners”. (and thats not a derogatory term) and I didnt start out by knowing any medical cannabis users. I tried this because I needing a change and had to get better! Ive now learned much of what I was told is not just “untrue”but is down rite lies! I know Vape World is a huge company out for the $ and that I should be trying to support the little guy that is helping me the most. I had one of two orders that were messed up from Vape World. They fixed it in a quick manner and got me what I needed. Yes it could have been shipped faster since it was a “next day order” and the new unit should have come the same way and not 5 day snail, but it didnt hurt my studies on cannabis so thats ok. I have found better and cheaper businesses since ive been in the “cannabis culture” and have found that my run to VapeWorld to have been a bad idea. I spent more money for high $ products that I could have bought in a better way. use the littlest man you can that can give you the “fair” price because he will put that money to use and help the cannabis culture in the deepest ways.Legalizing cannabis is not a problem with me! So far im not striving for it, but I NOW see cannabis for what it is. I came into this just wanting my medical issues to get better, but i have seen SO many activists come out of this movement because it is the right thing to do. maybe once I am of better health…. i wont rule it out. I have to say I love my Volcano! The Da Vinci ascent not so much, but I havent used it much. I think ill be using it and enjoying it more the deeper into cannabis I go. (this is based on the Info i have gathered from the “stoners” i have been studying… WHY you ask? because they enjoy the herb I am using for medical needs… I think they know how to use it better than anyone else I know!)   Now excuse me, but the “unwanted side effect” of cannabis is kicking in and I now am having a hard time thinking, but my pain is better, my back not as sore, and i will now listen to my body and relax. love your videos linda, thank you for knowing how to get quality products without paying through the nose. I just wish I listemed to you more! dont get EVERYTHING you might need  now just in case… just start medicating and find what would make it easier for you to bring it into your life. not just buying a “top of the line vaporizer” just because you heard its wonderful. even though that one didnt burn me in the end since i like my Volcano! So i say just get legal, do what you have to to be safe(r) and if you even have a little issue with “folling the rules” please just get legal so you dont have to worry. I didnt think It mattered to me but it effected me and being legal changed it a bit… not much, but did make it “easier” on me. just get a lighter and a bag of cannabis… if you truely just want the effects then try it like a drug trial in your life. The more I get into it the better my results so far. Im adjusting my dosage to my needs and side effects( like hijacking Lindas Youtube page) because I want to rant and maybe help someone at the same time is just another  “side effect” of cannabis. I can now think clear, I “flow better” on cannabis. I think deeper, I care more, im more emotional…. all side effects of my medicine. I care for myself better, i eat better, im more positive…. all this by adding cannabis to my morphine, flexoril, etodolac, lorazepam, ranitidine,diltiazem,vit D,ginger, turmeric, green tea,docusate, synthroid, tizanidine, albuterol,an i prob missed a few. I have reduced a few, but ive even STOPPED a few since adding cannabis. Why the hell would I stop here when I can get rid of MANY of theese drugs i take….. now can someone understand why the “stoners” fight to get this thing out there for everyone to use! They might abuse pot in your eyes, but because of that your not going to help them make the world a better place?? dont think about things connected to cannabis as being weighed out as legal on one side and cannabis on the other. look at it as if its right or wrong. I had to study into my new medicine, its just my nature, but I have found so many reasons to use this medicine. so many “off label” i think is the term.. using a drug just for one certain side effect… hell just to help me urinate its wonderful! and its SAFER than the doctors option usually…  again Linda im sorry to have attacked your YouTube page like this, but i had to let it out. thanks for letting me ramble!

Linda 420 says:

thanks! Though now I’m a little irked because I didn’t get any carry case with my Jet Flash!

xXPalominoXx says:

Awesome vape! Lookin beautiful with the long hair btw 😉

Dwight Harrison says:

glad you finally reviewed this awesome vape. You can get much better hits if you stir/crunch up your bowl every few hits. And you CAN use it in a bong, the hose fits in any 14mm GG downstem.

Linda 420 says:

That’s a whole lot of work, I’d rather just use the LSV with the bong attachment…. I don’t like the idea of not being able to pull a slide personally..

Jason Lynch says:

Good Review! “Tobacco use only” but painted in a “Rasta” motif, funny.

Linda 420 says:

both are great vapes…. very similar in terms of effect, but I’d think the heating element on the SSV is superior… not to mention, it looks sick and you can customize it as well 🙂 Aside from that, I feel they will both perform quite similarly,with the SSV being a bit better

Mike1973NJ says:

what’s up Linda? Long time no see…….gad to see you are back!

maxaveli504 says:

I have a pax and I got it for school works great quick heat up time

SticksFishing says:

Yea it’s also funny cause they are in Colorado also, we all know everyone is using tobacco in Colorado. Heh.

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