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SupremClasDevastator says:


What...the...funk! says:

Why do you always look high af in the indoor smoker vids.

Felipe Troche says:

Hey tia it’s junior from Boston that won the call in you know how I love the euphoria from cosmic fog but is that cereal one from kilo better should I get it? And I know exactly what you mean about the trout hit from the euphoria. Great video by the way

Challenger Dart says:

Nice video Tia. Thanks.

Great Dragon says:

vape shop sold me cereal milk that expired 1st of january of 2016 and its 2017 when i bought it.. they didnt give me a reciept and when i walked in they had lke 6 people at the counter vaping beng loud couldnt even hear myself think.. and they had nowhere to park was some shady side of a building… never going back.. shit tastes like liquid asshole… fuck vaping ima die of cancer asap. sick of running into nigger ejuice

MillermanChris says:

smak those lips tia… It amuses me… fuck the haters… They hating but there still watching…

Aeowin22 says:

I love this line of juice. Cereal Milk and Tru Blue are definitely in my top 5. Would highly suggest trying those.

Steven J says:

I thought it was fruit loops too, but then it hit me, what taste almost like fruit loops? Trix, it smells ridiculously like trix cereal.

Ben Kerley says:

Dewberry cream is one of my all time favorite liquids. I was really into a honeydew flavor when i first started vaping and dewberry brought back my love for it. I havent tried the yogurt one yet but i really want to as soon as my local shop gets it in

Lee Douglas says:

My wife loves your glasses thanks Tia for another great vid

宮原康夫 says:


Dennis Conroy says:

Hi Tia, great review video! I buy Dewberry Cream 5 bottles at a time at my local B&M! It is one of my ADV’s! It is super sweet so I balance it off by vaping a more savory e liquid in my other tank! KILO e liquids rock!!!!


I saw the video where you said how you trick people into thinking you are pretty.Let me let you in on a secret all women do that.But do not say your are not pretty that is bad for self esteem you are fine.Anyone know any good flavors that are strong no menthol or tobacco.I have NAKED 100 I need some stronger flavor than Naked its like Naked needs more sweetening and a few more flavor drops it would be perfect.I feel Like naked 100 is almost perfect it needs to be stronger for us 20 years smokers who have zero taste left. Fuck You Phillip Morris U asshole.

Tre' Ertl says:

What’s a good but decently cheap dripper? I like big clouds!

King Volcarona says:

omg i love Cereal Milk by Kilo it’s so good.

Karly FS says:

Is there a video where you review blue pop shock by G2 vapour?

Robin Mattingly says:

It sounds like the last one (cereal milk) tastes like Bird Brains from Cuttwood….

Squeak says:

People are really bothered by your lip smacking? That’s such a silly little thing. Smack on, girl!

Jennifer Mancini says:

Love that kiberry but the cereal milk didn’t live up to the hype for me. I have a 30ml bottle full sitting here and I Dont see myself using it over my other liquids. But the yogurt ones are crack to my tongue!

Abra Cox says:

Where did u get your hello kitty with glasses shirt?

The Spaced Vaper says:

As an Optician, I really like your glasses. Also I <3 Kilo. I just put up a review of Kiberry Yogurt the other day. Just gettin' into the reviewing game. Keep it up.

mike blaker says:

Hey Tia where do you get the drip atomizer at?

Trevor Flores says:

the kiberry yogurt is really good tru blue sounds really good too thanks for reviewing

Brian Perry says:

I got some kilo at a vape convention that came to my city. And it was amazing

Jordan Shearon says:

I really like you video intro

James Larkin says:

Love kilos liquids. Been vamping dewberry for a long time but fell in love with kilberry and cereal milk. I think they have the best balanced liquids and they seem to always get the flavors spot on.

Phone Daft says:

Oh my god your mesmerising!! I’m Gay but your like super lovely!!!!!! Love you Tia! Excellent videos. XxX

Michael Trujillo says:

They actually just found out that tru blue can give you popcorn lungs due to diacetyl

Sonia S. Muniz says:

I love Cereal Milk, tried it last week.. fell in love, but my favorite is stilll DNA Beast by Supremacy. #TFV4 #SMOKXCUBEII.. Must try the rest 8f them.. yummy… #vapeon

Christopher Solis says:

ur so cute love your video

BlueBeastPowerStroke says:

cereal milk ftw

The Ox. says:

smack them lips all you want , Just keep doing the great vids..

Jake West says:

Tia I hate to say it but your going to kill the flavors of these juices in a tank these juices are designed to be used in a rda’s.

carl manaton says:

I am loving the cereal milk

ChaseVapes says:

+TiaVapes what hair color do you use? it’s so beautiful! and your skin is amazing. wow.

Rob Liguori says:

Hey T, I’ve been vaping cereal milk in my atlantis as well as dripping it. And it is like drinking the milk after fruity pebbles. Ive had plenty of fruit loop flavors and this is dead on fruity pebbles. The dewberry one was the first that I tried from kilo. It was recommended to me bc my local vape shop knows I love honey pearry by vapor chef (which you need to try)! Anyways, enjoy Tia!

Tina Marie says:

I love the Cereal Milk!

Bryan Fry says:


Stephen H. says:

Tried them all, loved them all. My fave is the Dewberry by far. Surprised you’re just checking these out now but glad you did!

Vape Moms says:

Awesome video Tia!!!

TechnoPonyVapes says:

you can get this juice at and use code MARY50 for 50% your whole order!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer A says:

Cereal Milk is BOM!!!! Absolutely my new obession 🙂

raymond patrick says:

Stop take those glasses off,I thought you where good looking without glasses but now I think you’re SUPER SEXY I like your glasses

qqq1701 says:

Was someone sleeping just off camera? Seemed like you were trying to be really quiet. I’ll have to try that cereal milk.

Jordan Nettleton says:

Dewsberry cream is the shizzle

Tanya Kellogg says:

Cereal Milk is one of my all time favorites…. sooo good!!
Tastes just like fruity pebbles and milk!!

Branden Amaral says:

lip smack all you want! I think it’s definitely cute and I do it too.

Tommy Bertolosso says:

bought some dewberry today! thanks for the reference!! love  it

Travis Whitehill says:

I just got the kilo liberty yogurt and it’s my new all day cape I got it in my samples and just had to buy more

Young Bean says:

Hey Tia!!!!!!!

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