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Funny Dumb Shit says:

Sourin drop

toymdngn says:

When the vape is in his mouth his voice is hella deep

Christian W says:

Smok stick v8

Hunter Johnson says:

My juul I’m 13

residentsleeeeper says:

im vaping on ijust s because im 13 lol

ponybodil666 says:

hope you die of lung cancer

Creig says:

That intro tho

J Toon says:

starter kit

Creig says:

Im vaping on air

FC Ghost says:

Nothing because I am 11 and I want and need one I will by one if you buy it and so juul pods

Best comment says:

11/10 would vape again

Nate420 says:

SnapChat ~ MrNathaniel123
Instagram ~ Nate420yt

Jeffery Shell says:

Juuls are worse then cigs yall jus dum an brainwashed

Play Time says:

Crack is much better like if u agree

snowman12363 says:

I’ve never seen a group of losers as big as these guys wow the guy in the black annoying AF lisp much? Acting like their smoking week lmao GAAAAYYYYYY

High Off Gun Powder says:

The fuckin cringe

lilac b says:

Bukkakked? Really? Lmao

Lilarrowlol Crooks says:

Mango pod all the way

ben dover says:

Stick V8 and a smoke badge

cassiehayes7 says:

I put vape juice in my juul it blows fater clouds

Jon Ddoe says:

Guy on the right is definitely on the spectrum

Brave Lion0110 says:


it's ur boi bash says:

Im vaping a cristel vape and i made os

Prepper Trailrer says:

Hey guy memes is what the hell she love somok

XL_ UnParalyzed says:

Juul nigga

Steel Hype says:

There is as much nic in one pod as 20 cigs dumb asses and also u take pussy hits u hit for one sec and think ur the shit.

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