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Hello my lovely vapies! Today we are looking at the new Endura T18 kit for beginners, check it out here:

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vBDKv says:

mmm it’s made for mouth to lung, so a tight draw is a must.

Evil Droid says:

Perfect time of year for this (new years resolutions) as it is targeted squarely at people that want to quit smoking & still get the same feel & draw as a cig. I am one of those people. I am a total newbie vaper & saw it on a Youtube vid. I decided to get the T22 for longer battery life & bigger tank after I did some reasearch. It mimics a cig perfectly. I got mine on Jan 2nd & had my last cig on Jan 5th. Love this thing! Battery easily gets me through the day & tank lasts me almost a day. I have no desire to blow huge clouds or anything like that, so I expect this to last me until the battery wears out. Now if I could just find the tanks separately so I could have easy flavor changes.

woodyamsterdam says:

Thanks for this review! The only part I don’t understand is why this device is labeled ‘for beginners’. I started vaping, (and many with me I reckon) because I have recently quit smoking cigarettes and do only MTL. For quitters I think it’s important to get a device that mimics smoking cigarettes. I mean not everyone is into cloud chasing;) I’m using a Kanger EVOD 2 currently which does a great job but the T18 looks very tempting too.

Reece Anderson says:

it is a 2.5 ml tank

acerauto21 says:

How often do you change the coils on this device?

Anna Wathogoma says:

I’m just starting -just bought one thank you:)

koottsta koopr says:

tia. your eyes are stunning. and you remind me of cotton candy! mmm

Michael Hanken says:

Can you tell me why vapers refer to those who prefer mouth to lung as “for beginners”?
Thank you

Jordan Fitch says:

Very new to all this, just ordered one. Wondered if I can change the drip tip and if it has to be a specific size ? Thanks

Susyn Rasmussen says:

I’m a mtl vaper and that works fine for me. I tried sub ohming and went back to mtl. I’m getting so every time I hear another “sub ohm” tank released, I’m ready to puke. How many do they need? What bugs me most about this “beginner” kit is there is no rba if someone doesn’t want to be saddled with the high cost of coils continually. That puts this kit into the expensive lane. BTW. Thx for not doing any “unboxing” segment.

Lankey Bastard says:

vapie wants some milk mommy

Donna Maher says:

Tia, I love the color of your hair – wondering if a nearing 70 old lady could wear it (short hair, as well) – what brand is it or do you have it pro-done? I just ordered a pink T18. Thanks!

Jeppe Løger says:

Does it adjust the wattage according to what coil you have in? So lowest ohm it fires at full 14 watts and higher ohm it fires at lower wattage?

Marilyn Johnson says:

Sure looks pretty with your hair

mindexit says:

the ‘clearomizer’ resistance quote in the manual is correct. innokin sells or will sell other coil heads for the T18 atomizer so they can be used on another devices. ( not that you’d really want to :p )

koottsta koopr says:

merry christmas! happy new years!

Cassie Hyatt says:

what does it being tight mean? #newbie lol

Brandon Xu says:

this is far better of a starter kit than what i began with lol.

koottsta koopr says:

t18? maybe it’s 18 mm round?

Ye Ma says:

I guess you could just use an adjustable air flow drip tip to counter the tight draw.

Tabatski says:

ur rly ugly..jk ur cute

Brandi Rumney says:

Thats the vape i want to get its super pretty

Patrick Short says:

luv it the T 18 has the best taste

VaporWood Vapes says:

The drip tip is Delrin

Jas Balzan says:

Hi all. Just a couple of questions from a vape noob, what’s wick up and primer puffs?

Eric Brown says:

This is an awesome device at a $30 price point I ordered several for Christmas presents for smokers.

smokingskill says:

Hey Tia, I noticed this little liver spot on your right palm. Just wanted to let you know if you don’t know this already, that those can be malignant melanoma, and if they change their borders or get blacker or are not symmetrical they should be monitored at least by a doctor. Don’t want to scare you, just wanted to let you know.

Nice videos by the way!

Ivan Kovacevic says:

I tried the same flavor on Innokin T18 1000Mah pyrex glass and Eleaf iJust2 3000Mah pyrex glass, and the taste is 3 times better on Eleaf iJust2. Maybe because Eleaf is sub and uses 0.8Ohm coil, and Innoking uses 1.5Ohm coil with 1000Mah battery. I thought the taste would have been at least almost the same. Although, I used it only for 1 hour for now, maybe in a day or two when juice really soaks up it might taste better.

wickedeagans says:

Gosh u look smashing with this hair.

Mary Lou says:

Is the “vape”/ “smoke” warm or is it cool feeling?

Lawrence says:

Hi tia. I just got this unit. I totally agree with you on everything about this. I am trying to quit smoking so I find the draw to be decent. Other than that this thing rocks. I’d love to see a one month update on this. I’m a huge fan of your channel. You definitely inspired me to give up the coffin nails. You ROCK!

Hobi's very no fun snakeu says:

what is airflow?? I’m new to vaping

Mat Dubé says:

Thanks for your vid Tia. I believe I just found the next thing for my wife! She is definitely more into mouth to lung hit than anything else as of now.

Anirban Mukherjee says:

I am glad that they are bringing something new which is not only for sub ohm considering there are lot pro vapers who dont like sub ohm

the tobacco brothers says:

will it work at 11 watts?

Born 2 Feast says:

Nothings big enough is it Tia

Pearl B Mccoy says:

Lol, I forgot to turn mine on too. I agree about the draw. Still nice little vape. I usually sub ohm. Its gonna save me lots of money on juice and I find it to be a decent vape.

Anirban Mukherjee says:

Tia…the coil is not new…actually I think the entire tank is just a variation of 30s

Chris Clark says:

Great Review c:

Suzi Spooks says:

Loving the pink and that is one huge coil.

MMaya says:

how fast does it eat up the liquid since the coil is so huge I worry it would be a lot?

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