HOW TO Extract “Honey” from a Vapor Brothers Whip (NOT FOR TOBACCO USE)

In this video I, Kads, show you a quick way to scrape out your whips “honey” and what to do with it. Enjoy!


bri_guy802 says:

Can you vape the honey? It’s probably better if I don’t smoke it, both for my lungs and because I live in a dorm, and hopefully it wouldn’t smell as much….

Vapor says:

Yes you can actually.

Gollsodia says:

@Taydrum What the hell is a “weed jew”, dude?!

Vapor says:

@arcangel102993 Stuff in tube is hard to get out.

guitaroach says:

It’s finished when it’s all ash. Just a ball of gray.

90gsxAWD says:

can you put this in a blunt??

JimiDuke says:

What is the name of the song and artist in the video? Really diggin the tunes, would love to hear some more.

Brian says:

great choice in music man
btw can you vape the honey or is it better to smoke it?

Vapor says:

@CUBETechie do NOT use your vape for tobacco.

ams914 says:

Digging on that music

Vapor says:

@panchotek Extremely potent. It’s nothing but the pure essential oils from the plant.

Vapor says:

Nopers, that color is normal. Happy vaping!

soicuw says:

what is that Bee Line thing you used to light the pipe?

[BoGA] xXExodiousXx says:

i tried this and it didnt work, and that was with it turned all the way up. But i didnt really leave it in for more then a minute,

lupowins says:

I can’t believe how much honey I have wasted when cleaning my whip! Can’t wait to clean it tomorrow! Thanks for the tip.

Pupe008 says:

Dude da honey is da bomb I’m going to do the brownies this week I hv like 2 onces of vaped bud saved up..:P

makemusicnotwar says:

This is the same thing as wand hash right?

Rob Bartlett says:

hahaha love it, but did this one really require an instructional video? “scrape out your piece, roll what you get into a little ball and smoke it”

Gee, never heard of that one 😀

Vapor says:

Nope. sorry sir, you are wrong. “Resin” from pipes is created from tar and carbon monoxide. “Honey” is nothing but the essential oils from the herbs themselves. It smells and tastes VERY sweet, just like how your herbs smell. It is DANK and doesn’t give you a headache like smoking resin-tar does.

Honey does NOT equal pipe resin. It is worlds better for for you, tastier, much more potent, and smells f*cking fantastic.

daniel cignarale says:

this works amazingly well

J- roc says:

Honey Ball.

Vapor says:

@PhishCactus I vape…a lot. 😀

joshoimooooo says:

isnt that just resin?

Manik2Magik says:

You smoke entirely too much reefer.

a says:

Can u vape that honey again? lol

kimblecr says:

Hey Kads, dig all the videos. Professional, entertaining and just great. Question: Is that Vapor Brothers logo on the side of the vaporizer a hand made drawing, sticker, etc?? i really like the design. Keep up the sweet vids man

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