How to Clean a Vape Whip

Instuctional video showing how to clean a vaporizer whip. In this video we cleaned several Vaporbrothers vapor whips using isopropyl alcohol.

Items used:
1 x Ziplock Sandwich Bag
1 x Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or tiger for best results)
1 x Spoonful of Salt (optional)
1 x Sharp Blade (optional)

Step One: Using a sharp blade, remove the hose from the handpiece. An option to cutting the hose, is to hold the hose where it meets the glass under hot water for several minutes. Then wiggle the hose off the glass.

Step Two: Put the glass or ceramic parts into a ziplock bag (sandwich size works best). If cleaning a classic glass style whip, leave the stainless steel screen in the glass and it will get cleaned as well.

Step Three: Pour enough isopropyl alcohol into the bag until the parts are submerged. 91% or higher iso alcohol works best. The lower the percent, the longer you will want to soak the parts.

Step Four: (optional) Pour a spoonful of salt into the bag. The salt will act as a mild abrasive. Recommended when using less than 91% iso or for super dirty whips.

Step Five: Seal ziplock bag and gently shake.

Step Six: If possible let the parts sit in the iso bath overnight or for at least a couple hours. Shake the bag from time to time to agitate the contents. For super dirty parts, like the whips cleaned in the last half of the video, you can soak a couple days.

Step Seven: Remove the parts from the ziplock bag. If the iso is not too dirty, you can let the parts air dry and the iso will evaporate. If the iso is dirty, rinse with water. Let the parts dry completely before using the whip again.

For more detailed instructions check out our blog post:

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john travis says:

Why does every video showing whips just tell you to cut the tube and then never explains getting it back on

Karen Driscoll says:

WARNING! how in hell o you get the tubing back on dude? Now I’m stuck.

Morgan B says:

How do u clean the rubber tube

Lou Skunt says:

Isopropyl is fine for glass, but whip tubing will absorb it…

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