Hot Box Vaporizer (Review) by The Herbal Review




maryjanedoe says:

nice video, oh and i subbed 🙂

chad atchison says:

he just smoked some pubes

TheHerbalReview says:

LMAO! Dude, I think you were the first one to notice that. Cracking my shit up!

GreyMarketReviews says:

I absolutely love this unit! Awesome review, ill be returning again!


da buddha?

DJ Muzic says:

Does it smell?

IvIustangsvt2003 says:

as far as the tubing shape, heat it up or soak it in hot water. works like a charm

Sir Cosmos says:

Your right about the link because I clicked on it before, hopefully it will be back because I want to purchase it from their website, cause other website have them with a higher price. How you liking the hotbox though?

TheHerbalReview says:

Technically, the more fine your herb’s ground the better it’s going to vape (surface area), especially in a portable unit; but you won’t have a problem getting your herb completely vaped. I’m doing a review on a vape right now that doesn’t even require your herb to be ground up… and it actually vapes evenly.

gage hall says:

anyone else notice the hair at 5:30

TheHerbalReview says:

That’s really tough man…. this one is a bit less expensive; very similar vapor quality and concept.

Sir Cosmos says:

What is the shipping method ups, usps, or fedex?

TheHerbalReview says:

I need to eventually do another grinder review! I’ll try to get ahold of a Space Case in the near future man!

amber huffer says:

first time vape buyer here! would you recommend the flight box or the hot box? stuck between the two!

Spin Lathes says:

These videos would be alot easier to watch without all the drum machine rap noise.

Sonaper says:

I’m trying to find a great working vaporizer, i found that Plenty and this one are really great, plenty is about 300$ and this is half the price but i must know if it’s worth to give more money on a german plenty vaporizer for better preformance or am i getting the same thing but just those little diffrences, if you know, i want a great product !

TheHerbalReview says:

I got it via UPS I believe.

Walter Kloster says:

I don’t understand why people think that they must remove the wand/whip when they are vaping, as if leaving it on the unit causes the herb to burn. This is not going to happen, your herb will not burn up if you leave the wand on the vaporizer. The herb produces vapor only when the user inhails and causes the hot air to flow through the herb. I have been vaping for quite awhile and I have never had my herb burn up from leaving the wand on my vaporizer with my medication in the wand for any amount of time. I would like to know how someone would adjust the temperature on the hotbox vaporizer, as I don’t see any type of way to adjust the temp on the box you have in the video. I don’t understand why someone would want a vaporizer that doesn’t allow the user to change the temp settings? I guess you just better hope that the temperature the manufacturer chooses to set the vaporizer at is somewhat close to the same temp you like to vape at or the temp isn’t set to high, making it so your actually smoking your herb and not vaping it through your vaporizer. I personally like to have control over the temp settings on my vaporizer, as different temp settings produce different effects and allow for many different types of taste/flavors of the herb. If your herb is coming out really dark or black in color and you are tasting burnt popcorn the entire time you are vaping, along with blowing out really thick clouds of “smoke” then you’re smoking your herb through your vaporizer, not vaping. It can also be that you are vaping, but you have the temp set to high and you’re burning your herbs or you could have to much herb in your wand. I also noticed that this guy didn’t break up the herb anywhere near as much as it should be. With these types of vaporizer that have the metal screen between the herb and user, produce the best vapors when the herb is almost the consistency of powder. This means that you need to grind, grind again, grind some more and when you think its right, grind it 2 more times. A coffee grinder helps make that entire process go a lot faster and easier. In order to get the best vapors and get the most out of your herb and your vaporizer, then having more surface area of your herb from all that grinding is how you will achieve this. The larger the surface area for that heated air to pass over, the bigger and better the vape clouds will be, the happier you will be in the end.
One last tip for you guys and gals. Always save your herb/bud after you finish vaping. I suggest getting a mason jar and when you empty your wand you dump the AVB (Already Vaped Bud) into the mason jar to save for future use. All that AVB can be used to make cannabis oils and butter or you can sprinkle straight AVB into/on high fat content foods to eat and from 45min to 2 hrs later you will feel the effects. AVB has gone through the process of decarboxylation while you are vaping and this process is nothing more than the heat activating THC and CBDs in the cannabis. If you were to use fresh cannabis to make cannabis butter and oils, you would have to “bake”-heat up in an oven at a low temp for a good amount of time. No that does not mean that you’re not getting all the good stuff out of your herb when you vape or that smoking cannabis will get you higher than vaping does, as it doesn’t work that way. I’m not going to get into all of that now, as I’ve done typed a freaking novel.

MrBlackishere says:

I dont much about these, what are they used for?

CLE OfficialGaming says:

Does the “smoke” smell at all?

wellthi says:

sound so bias

luis vazquez says:

But would it smell like weed if I use the hot box

420SmokeSpot™ says:

Its a hands free unit don’t need to turn it.

tangodown23 says:

Dabbing is were its at

ttjamzt says:

Would you recommend buying this or the vaporbrothers?

Sir Cosmos says:

Awesome, I’m sold. The websites back!!!

Sharon B. Four says:

Who’s the song by?

TheHerbalReview says:

It’s been a daily-driver this whole week! I’ve put my balloon vape to the side for the time being…. The whip-stye has been a nice switch up.

Da Killah says:

DUDE DUDE DUDE I DONT KNOW WHAT KIND OF ADAPTER DOES THE HOTBOX NEED??? Cause its got only an outlet and i used it and it got wasted.I send it back and they fixed it but now i need an adapter like a laptop uses in order to use it properly. PLEASE ANSWER .

Jason Sanabria says:

Where did that pube come from lol

Sir Cosmos says:

Thanks man. What happen to their website though, do they have a new one?

TheHerbalReview says:

That’s super weird. I’m guessing they are updating it… because the link in my description is 100% where I purchased it from.

TheHerbalReview says:

I absolutely love it man! I had been using a Zephyr Ion (bag vape similar to the Volcano) and after switching things up to the whip-style, I can definitely see some different benefits. The vapor from the Hot Box is SUPER thick and potent, where the bags were very convenient but not quite as strong. I also really like how simple the unit is compared to a lot of similar ones. Just plug it in, grind up your herb, and vape!

TheHerbalReview says:

This is cheaper…. the VaporBro’s has a little more craftmanship. They both get the job done.

TheHerbalReview says:

Definitely a great vape! I’ve used Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer vaporizers and personally wouldn’t see myself paying almost double for the Silver Surfer, but Da Buddah is definitely a great option. A little more expensive retail price for generally the same idea, but the Hot Box’s 5-year warranty is definitely dope! I talked to a representative on the phone before I purchased it and those people are super helpful and genuine. Stay vaping!

jaspreet jassi says:

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mos619 says:

Your herb looks kind of coarse. Does it vape better that way or does it help if it’s finer? I usually grind all my stuff as soon as i get it in a diamond grind.

J. W. says:

Is this discreet? Meaning can i smoke in my room without the weed smell? 😛

Lara Picard says:

Can you only use it on dry herbs ?

Dude Iforgot says:

what’s the track called in the beginning of this video?

Matt Smith says:

Best at home vapor needs. I have one and trust me it works WOW. I had a group of 4 hitting it last nite. Huge hits. Hotbox is all you need. 120$ at my local head shop. I’ve never been more up in my life 15 years in. Get this one for home and PAX for outside your house.

Corkoth55 says:

nice pube on the adapter lmao

John Smith says:

Can you do a review on the Space Case grinder on that website? I’m still using my wooden one hahahaha. -Cheers

Mike Dupree says:

Fantastic review.  I’ve never vaped before and was doing some research.  So glad I clicked this vid.

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