Herbalizer Vaporizer Review!

The Herbalizer is a convection style (halogen bulb) desktop vaporizer that uses modern technology to maintain a new level of temperature precision. The Hebalizer can be used with dry material as well as oils and waxes making it a very versatile device. The obvious question one would ask is; Does the cost really justify the value you get? Is the Herbalizer worth your hard-earned cash? If your curious than sit back and enjoy the review and decide for yourself!

Herbalizer Website: http://www.herbalizer.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HerbalizeIt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/herbalizeit
Instagram: http://instagram.com/herbalizeit
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luther7449 says:

Outstanding review.  Decided to move my purchase over to the Herbie.

TheMadProphet says:

pretty neat how it uses halogen bulb, but i dont really want to spend 700$ on a vaporizer ive been using a vp600 that i paid 60$ takes about 2 min to heat up and been going strong for over 2 years, nevertheless the herbie is unique..



PocketableTech says:

The +Herbalizer is a fairly new desktop unit on the vaporizer scene and is already being considered revolutionary in what it has be able to accomplish. Heat up time that can reach 445 degrees Fahrenheit (229 degrees Celsius) within mere seconds! A built in 16-bit processor to control a new level of temperature precision. Premium medical grade materials. Whip and balloon compatibility. I think it goes without saying: a new standard has been set!

Check out the full in-depth video review below;

#Herbalizer Vaporizer Review! (VIDEO) : http://youtu.be/mR_-JPn3lD8

geeezaone says:

Revolutionary? Halogen bulb? Digital temperature control? The Aromed was doing all of this 15 years ago!!! And still is.
 Seriously, check your facts and know your market before claiming a product to be “revolutionary”

howdenender says:

Why do you call it an ‘erbalizer’?   Are you people incapable of pronouncing the letter H?   Are all you yanks afflicted with this speech defect?

Shaun Bradley says:

Great review, thanks!

Yves La Vende says:

Oh, not another vaporizor vid.. Not everyone smokes dude.

jpooch00 says:

From what I’ve seen researching this product, the only thing that most people find fault with is the price.  Well, ya get what ya pay for. 

Personally, I’m gonna get one!

markpritchard09 says:

all that money and they give you plastic lol.

jpooch00 says:

Well, all I can say is that those NASA rocket jocks finally found a really USEFUL endeavor and produced something that I’m gonna get a lot of personal satisfaction from!

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