“Herbalizer Vaporizer Review” – The World’s First Smart Vape!

Buy your Herbalizer from trusted Authorized Dealer The VapeLife Store and use DISCOUNT CODE ‘herbie50’ to receive $50 OFF your Herbalizer! http://bit.ly/HerbalizerVLS -This has to be the BEST Desk-top VAPORIZER I have ever had the joy of vaping with. Dry herbs & concentrates, it does them all….GREAT! Pricey yes, but this made in the USA Bag & Whip style Vaporizer is packed full of technology. A Halogen lamp bulb heats up RIGHT AWAY which means ZERO wait time. Instant Vapor! The vapor quality is up there with the best I’ve ever had for sure. Such a delight to be able to extract your meds at whatever temperature you choose and know FOR CERTAIN that the temperature is close to exact. The Herbalizer gives the effect you are looking for EVERY TIME. – http://www.mrvapelife.com

‘Herbalizer’ Song: https://soundcloud.com/vapelife-will/herbalizer


derty QWERTY says:

If I was loaded, I would order right now. American made, easier than the volcano we’ve all used at a rich friends house….. its all around badass IMO. Major Props to whoever designed it to be made here in the states. That is why its more expensive, but at least its made with quality materials and design, unlike Chinese

Murked Killa says:

Yoo VAPELIFE Will when will u make a sublimator review!!!! im really looking forward to seeing one because top 3 most expensive vapes are herbalizer, Vape Xhale cloud evo, and finally sublimator!! also the top 3 on the market in my opinion, also sublimator is said to hit like a beast im sure you would enjoy it!! 

Uldis Slics says:

Ballin, as always

eriknephron gfr says:

Yo the song is dope

Trafalgar D. Law says:

$800!? too much for a vaporizer, at least for me it is. 

CallMe Nighthawk says:

What is your opinion on egos

Steve Curry says:

This music good listening when I’m vaping with Herbie!

VapeLife Will says:

The World’s first SmartVape! The Herbalizer, Today’s Best Desk-Top Vaporizer. VapeLife Baby! Vapor quality un-surpassed – Purchase a Herbalizer, CLICK HERE —> http://bit.ly/HerbalizerVLS Herbalizer Vaporizer Review – The World’s First Smart Vape!

David Fernandez says:

Your beats about vaporizers are sick! You should make more beats for other vaporizer they are dope man. I really enjoyed listening to them.  

jone0425 says:

Locdog dope review bro. Definitely gotta update us with a nice session. Vape life

Allin Mota says:

Cool vid Will, Vape life Baby!

Richard Winter says:

Love the review Will! Keep em coming… Your the best reviewer on YouTube! “THIS IS VAPE LIFE BABY” much love.

Krizzle Sizzle says:

Sweet beats bruv awesome stuffs right here.

Lord Vaper says:

Heavy-duty tabletop vape…. def givin volcano a run for its green.

Zutschini says:

Found you on soundcloud….. Drop the track there pls 😀

SexyGuy says:

Ima buy it from your shop just because the video was funny.

FiNeSSe says:

william did u do a sublimator review yet…expensive ik

jpooch00 says:

screw that totally lame soundtrack.  Skip this vid!

Don Jon says:

Vape life baby!

SmokingwithJan AndGonther420 says:

Can this be used to vaporize a room instead of thru the tube or a bag?

Grady Thomas says:

Love the intro man

Jack Daniels says:

nice production bro

David Treminio says:

love this tune!

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