Herbalizer tips & a custom bong/bubbler adaptor.

Another video showing how to easily connect the Herbalizer (or any whip style vaporizer) to a bong or bubbler. Plus a Platinum kush session & some tips to get the most out of your Herbie! Buy one!!


James Jones says:

Lol sounds like your in the jungle with all those birds

Th3Wh1teHammer says:

if you’re willing to invest in the top grinder in my opinion, the large Space Case 4 pc titanium grinder is your best option.

eriknephron gfr says:


Gene Xus says:

Awesome! I need this lol. And that

Nathan Galloway says:

High Man, what’s up?I was wondering if you or anywhere that you knew of made these available for purchase?If either, please post a link of where to buy a similar set up. Have a good one brother,〰️N

Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson says:

I dont know what is going on with those background sounds but mixed in with your smooth voice over its just … mmmaaaahhh …. perfect !

Echoe says:

Is there anyway to attach a Hydratube from evo without using the plastic tubing safely .. I can’t decide between this device and a volcano and the evo ?

Wavy Vaporizers says:

I need to get this vaporizer

Brandon Hayes says:

I still don’t know where you got the ceramic cone thing that fits in the glass bowl peice

TheWise Owl says:

You got a sub man. Your vibe is rad. If you’re in the financial neighborhood please crank up your video quality. Cheers

Strainiacs says:

New Herbalizer Tips video and a custom adaptor for bongs and bubblers. Nice Platinum Kush session as well B^}

peace and thumbs up,


Soil_biota.guru permaWarrior says:

have u tried vaping rosin thru the herbie?

George Garcia says:

Great video! I recently purchased a four piece Santa Cruz shredder and it works very well! Cheers!

Wavy Vaporizers says:

I subbed u keep up the good work

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