Extreme-Q Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

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The Vape Critic says:

+letshangusanemo it’ll take some getting used to but stick with it and you’ll come to enjoy it just as much. If you haven’t seen it yet definitely check out this video I made about elbow packing: Extreme-Q Vaporizer Tip – Elbow Screen Packing

TheMadProphet says:

question for people who have one do you get a thick vapor? how high does the temp go.?

Jason Cordeiro says:

awesome video….only disappointment is that my unit didn’t come with a tv remote….

anthony cucitrone says:

i was gonna buy this but idk now lol

Stoneforth says:

They should have put the temp sensor on the surface instead of the element itself.

Xenomorph says:

Can I use it with hasch?

Faceless says:

thanks for the review. i just purchased an EQ as my first vape. i’m a long time smoker and want to start only vaping. does it take some getting used to? and do you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for me as a beginner? thanks again.

Luke Hilton says:

In door sunglasses wanker :/

megamollie9 says:

Had mine for about 6 weeks now and totally love it! … I watched this and other vids while waiting for it to arrive and this video was the most helpfull.  

thespacejuice says:

thanks for the video dude great review

Thebuster1383 says:

how many bags would 1 gram of indoor make?

Jack Collender says:

Do you know if you can use the Volcano bags on this vape?

MsCivvy says:

Just got mine about a week ago.. it has changed my life.. lol I have the temp setting at 392 , and I’m using the whip. How long after it reaches 392, should I wait to take the first haul? I find the first few puffs I get zero vapor on the exhale, so I assume theres nothing going in? I’m used to vaping with juice, and getting big clouds 🙂 so this is all new to me. Thank you in advance!

Gabriel Saucedo says:

hey, thanks for the vid, i am about to buy one for myself, i will be travelling to the US from mexico soon and wont be coming back any time soon so wanted to ask you what accessories or replacement parts do I need to buy for it to last longer, I mean some parts will wear out after some time so I want to buy replacements for those parts, could you tell me which ones?  thaks in advance

Brian iObserve says:

“My TV remote” lol!

Zach .Zapetis says:

#jeffrussel thank you for pointing that out!!! these noobs today. they try sooo hard dohh!!

Maxemus Meridius says:

Can I get a review on the glasses?

rickey joey says:


zayarummm says:

Do you prefer to fill/use the elbow or use the main chamber for heating the herbs? What temperature do you prefer when using it, plus fan speed?


Does this give more vapor than the portable Arizer Air? and is this true
convection like the Volcano but more than the Arizer Air?

megamollie9 says:

Really is a nice piece of kit ..the variable temperature and fans means you can taylor make your hit …you can tell lots of thought and effort have gone into designing this and they nailed it ..elegant,sofisticated and effective!

Romulus Agustus says:

just got mine delivered TODAY   Sunday ?    best thing I have bought since 2008 when I bought my fist motorcyle!   hope it last for 5 years.   just took my first bag full at 250   never knew it could taste so good

The Vape Critic says:

+MrJoachimc yes the chamber connection is glass on glass but it’s sort of recessed into the base unit, so if the base by itself is dropped it’s unlikely the glass would touch the ground, but if any of the glass parts are dropped yes they could break

+J. Blake Barnes – both are pretty decent, da buddha is whip only and extreme-q is combo whip or balloon

franco la rocca says:

It works fine, but the build quality is very bad. Screws make their way throug sheer plastic and after you unscrew them two or three times (but even once) the plastic is not going to retain the grooves I have been using it for six months, now, and i am quite satisfied with the vapor, with the temperatures it reaches etc, but now the plastic base is cracked without any plausible reason; it’s never fallen, never had anything at all. I’m talking about screws because you need, every now and then, to disassemble the machine in order to clean it, as tiny parts of herbs and things go inevitably inside the hole at the top of the vaporizers. One would expect something better for that price. Disappointing.

imtehshit says:

How is the vapor quality and flavor compared to others?

raw0sugar says:

Love your videos.  Succinct and informative.

BlindOut eric says:

why didn’t you actually take a toke, disappointing.

Olivia Hart says:

Just got mine and it’s WONDERFUL. I THINK I like the whip better because it looks more lady like than the bag hahahah but they both produce good vapor and the aroma cup works EXCELLENTLY. I put lavender leaves in the bowl with a few drops of oil and it deodorizes the room. All u have to do is turn the fan on low and it permeated half of my house.

JUST REMEMBER to slide the battery out of the remote and take the plastic covering off of the battery and reinsert it.

I give this an A minus because the price was the same as most lower end portables and it has dual functions. The minus comes it because the balloon doesnt have a valve to trap the vapor in

Wake&Bake420 says:

Is it the same quallity as volcano ?

Professor Genius says:

wish they’d ditch the remote and LED lights and either drop the price or use the extra to increase the overall quality. I mean, a remote is just something else to lose, and who needs it to light up?

Cannabis Then And Now says:

ty brother

Khloe Y says:

Vape Critic – Can you use the extreme remote control with a v-tower? 

Mischa Byron says:

Thanks for the tip. Also did think about getting rid of chemicals used during manufacturing of the vape. How long do you recommend using the vape on high temprature to get rid of any chemicals before first use?

MrJoachimc says:

Is the top bit of vape made of glass also? i’m asking because i’m curious as to if someone where to drop it if that would be game over. Good videos btw ive watched a lot of them

Joecgml says:

Your definitely from long island

ImSoKagey says:

had this for a year now and still going strong, very happy with my choice.

The Vape Critic says:

+derrae99 cool glad to hear it, thanks for posting

The Vape Critic says:

+al pee – i do not believe you can, the vtower doesnt have the built in fan either

EvilMonkey350 says:

4:53 glad to see you’re a “bag is half full” kind of guy

breandanc says:

I just got my Arizer today. Your video was so incredibly helpful. Thanks man

Jason Fallman says:

thanks,Mang…using this Vape right now! good results,good tips!,thanx again!

Lori Johnson says:

You have come a long way since your Vaporfection Vapir video. More polished for sure. 🙂

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