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My review of the EpicVape E-Nano log vaporizer – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/e-nano/

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Teddy V says:

The Vape Critic
HI, I know your video about LSV is kind of old, if you compare this vape to lsv and dont take the facts that its bigger uglier and it slides from everywhere, it is in terms of vapor quality and efficiency better vaporizer than E-nano log?
Thank you

nin6246 says:

Is this vape about as good as the VapeXhale Cloud EVO?

Fucc A Poss Blok says:

this nigga is soooooo Jersey

David Welch says:

the underdog is og doe

- - says:

Ehhh, seems like a desktop arizer solo. Cool idea I guess. Wouldn’t be my go to though. Really liked how it milked your rig up though, not bad! Great review as always!

nate says:

Great review but when you do that soft voice thing that vape life will does it makes me nauseous so you should just be yourself seriously I don’t understand why people comment about it being relaxing shit is creepy fam

Āris Plūģis says:

a Grasshopper review, please! want to know your opinion before buying that vape pen. sounds too good to be true about that vape. that is why i’m cautious.

Claes af Schmidt says:

When you mention concentrates. Do you also mean hashish then?

Cyber128 says:

I’m not from the US so getting the nano would cost $212, would you still consider that a good deal?

Fraser Marr says:

every nano is different btw………i cant have mine above 6 an 3/4 or i run the risk of combustion. love my nano

Cooly Cooly says:

great video!

flex4life says:

The is like PurpleDays vape 2.0

darrenwilsonV2 says:

Glad to see you reviewing this one Bud. imo the Enano is pound for pund the best vape out there!

Drake Ihlen says:

Just got this vape and I love it, and watching this video make me realize I was overpacking my bowls and I now the top of my weed isn’t burning 🙂 Thanks dude, awesome review

Michael Gillman says:

Hey Bud. Been a huge fan of yours since you (and my brother) helped convince me to get my first and still only vape the MFLB almost 7 years ago. I have a very high tolerance and the MFLB with PA just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. I want something that gives me bigger clouds, isn’t a hassle to clean, and just overall better quality tasting vapor. Is the Nano a good choice for me? Or do I need a VapeXhale Cloud EVO?

Jomaeler Franco says:

9:29….. 😉 😉 😉 lmfao yeah my mind is in the gutter. But besides that. I think I may have finally found the vape for me

Biw999 says:

A lot of people sleep on this vape. It’s my daily driver and I absolutely love it. I trust and respect your opinion so I’m glad to see that you liked it. Keep up the good work man. Your reviews are required watching before any vape purchase I make and you haven’t steered me wrong yet.

Jordan Bruton says:

Do you plan on doing a review on the Grasshopper pen vaporizer? I assume you’re waiting until they have their manufacturing and shipping sorted out.

Marcus says:

Why do I feel like this is MFLB with power adapter meets Silver Surfer? How would you compare this to the MFLB with the PA?

Christopher Russell says:

Can you put another screen in front of the herb so it’s sandwiched?

lewis ball says:

Looks weird very old fashioned especially with the temperature control on the cord. Retro vape ! Lol.
Can you do a review on the Elevape Smart Vaporizer or can I ask you about it ? Have you heard much about it ? Sorry, I am interested in getting a second portable vape as I can only get 3 sessions from my crafty before the bloody battery dies !

Barcode3210 says:

love the videos! do you think you could do a video on vaped material? For example, when do you know its done? sometimes i vape my crafty and it doesn’t stop producing vapor. is it done when it taste bad? thanks in advance! subbed

forzaazzurri101 says:

now get an underdog AND COMPARE THEM PLEASE

Joaquín del Real says:

hey mate, Awesome reviews, really trust you. So would love your help, simple this, arizer eq or this one? thanks!!!

Thomas Syxe says:

Seems pretty good ! I personally bought a Plenty and I’m so happy with it, your review helped me make my decision, f*** the style, the vapor quality prevails 🙂

Eyedunno says:

That screen tip was brilliant. I will definitely try that when my stems and GonGs get messy. I’ve just been plugging the ends with silicone plugs and cleaning them out with alcohol (or cleaning them in the included tubes). But it’ll be nice to get and make use of reclaim with little hassle. Chopsticks and skewers are popular screen adjustment tools. I do find myself using the stem differently than you do. I treat it like a pipe and hold the nano (roughly) horizontally to “light” it. I plan to try and make a true pipe stem with maybe some wood and some stainless tubing.

One last thing: while it might look embarrassing on video, vacuuming up material by sucking into the stem or GonG is an easy way to repack. You might have to tap out a little if you overdo it, but a little experience takes care of that.

Anyway, the Nano completely takes care of my needs for desktop. It’s two different vapes: a low-temperature dry sipper for long sessions on very little material, and a monster through water. Plenty is good for a party vape. I still need to find a portable to replace my Crafty when it inevitably craps out, but thanks to the Nano, that won’t be for a long time. I am leaning Grasshopper, but over the past few months, so many great portable convection vapes have been coming out…

richard abraham says:

Hey changed my mind the grasshoppers won’t ship for months
It’s too small a company to mass produce

mbaxter22 says:

Just curious what glass water piece are you using there?

Gage says:

New to Vaping was about to order a arizer air would you recommend the nano over it ? And can it produce bigger clouds I’m used to smoking quit big peace just a little worried that both won’t give me the hit I want without breaking the bank on a crafty or vapexhale

timtim32NL says:

How is it compared to the ssv or dbv?

Matt Miller says:

lil log vapes r underrated

stevo w says:

I enjoy your videos and appreciate the insight – expertise. thanks much

Alexandre Hornbeck says:

Hi, great review, you got me interested in a new vaporizer! If money is not an issue, would you recommend th E-nano over the Vapexhale?

The Fish says:

I like your reviews. You aren’t ridiculous, or a hipster, you aren’t wearing a clown suit, and you don’t sound like a radio DJ.

juan m. says:

Is it possible to find in EU?

Matt Miller says:

ur sack will last for ever!!!!!!!

Khor Ba says:

do you get paid to use some of these vapes? if so does the money make you biased?

Htaen says:

I really like this style of video, hope to see more like this

Chris Skaggs says:

Great review. Loved watching you demonstrate how to use. My friends and I were trying it out this evening and were unimpressed, outside of the flavor. We were loading it horizontal and trying to keep it horizontal the entire time while drawing from it. I just tried setting it down after inserting the pipe horizontal and hitting it. Fantastic! The best vape hits, flavor and robust-wise, of my Solo, Air, Extreme Q and MFLB. Can’t wait to get my Firefly 2 soon!

ufanisoneetze says:

waaaa ive been waiting so long !! gonna watch it right now. im excited!


“it’ll vape a crumb”

That’s a good selling point.

Jon Rosenberg says:

I’m 2:00 in, but I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use it. At least, that’s not how I have ever used it. I think you’re only supposed to have the stem connected to the heating element when you’re actually inhaling, and I wouldn’t ever have it situated as vertically as seen here as that seems very awkward, and like you’d be having debris fall on the heating element unnecessarily. You can’t really perceive it from this review (or maybe he covers it in a bit), but the e-nano is really light. It is much lighter than a Solo for instance.

It works better to think of the stem as a weird sort of pipe (when the stem is held parallel to the ground with the screen and herb serving as the weird sort of bowl) and the e-nano as an electric lighter. You only hold the lighter to the herb while inhaling. When not inhaling the e-nano should then be put back down and the stem should be put in something that holds it up vertically so the screen still holds up the herb at the top. Epic Vape does sell an accessory for this purpose: https://epicvape.com/product/e-nano-stando-maple/.

Eyedunno says:

As I near the end of my second month with the nano, I’m finding I need even less herb than when I started using it, not more. I can drag a single stem-full to several hours now, taking very occasional, medium draws (maybe one every half hour or so). With my GonGs, I tend to tear through my material (in comparison to vaping dry, anyway, nothing compared to a hog like the Plenty), but realistically, it’s more than I want on an average night.

Oh yeah, and when it comes to the usable range on the dial, I actually find it to be WIDER than the Plenty’s. Plenty is pretty much 6-7. My nano is about 5.5 to 7.5 (though the high and low ends of that best suit different styles of vaping, 5.5 EXTREMELY slow, dry draws, and 7.5 very heavy, quick draws through water).

David Warner says:

Thank you Vape Critic for another great video…much enjoyed!

Keef Taylor says:

They also sell the glass tube with a built in glass screen.

juicy olbas says:

Great review.
I like the pinch and reload (big vapman fan). Efficiency is v complex thing.
Sim process to vapolution in some ways.
A vid on one hitters. e nano, firefly, vapo, etc would be great. 🙂

gunner mathis says:

just bought one! thanks for the great review

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