Dr. Dabber Boost Portable e-Nail: Unboxing & Demo

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DJDailey says:

Try carrying in a nice pencil case or large eyeglass case maybe?

Lam Huynh says:

lỡ bể cái ống thủy tinh r có chỗ nào bán hay có link nào bán để mình mua cái thủy tinh đó k
xin rep nhanh cho mình.. tks

Tom Sc says:

Good job man. Great ratio between humor and informational content. thumbs up

pokquairyum says:

Dang the one I have doesn’t have threads and your suppose to just push it in there. And the plastic or whatever material is on top kind of melts :(:( .. Do I know anything about this?

LORD DRE says:

your funny as hell good review broseph

DaDon DaDa says:


Jeff Reid says:

It’s very attractive lol

John X says:

Awesome review, very thorough. Thank you sir! Getting one soon!

Edward DiGiovanni says:

I like the way you present yourself, in general. Very laid back

Andy Lenz says:

“turns out that’s not how they measure smartness” hahaha 😀 made my night man you are hillarious but speak the truth man straight up!


woah where did you get those shades!!

hector lopez says:

i need this in my life

Vapor Rae says:

I like your shades man!

pokquairyum says:

Any issues with the nail fitting ?

mrjoint100 says:

put the little white top on, thats on when u get it delivered. problem solved!

Munch eez says:

u said u have no cap for it when it’s in storage , y not just use the carb cap ? take off the dabber wand off the top and just leave the carb cap on so the nail stays dust free

Lauren Lowe says:

Can you use dry herbs, or just oil & wax?

Eric Chatham says:

Just got one recently and they have now included a quartz nail and a silicone cover for the top of the rig and nail when it is not in use.

Great quality video! Keep up the awesome work.

thegreatdroc says:

I’ve had my dr dabber boost for about 2 weeks now and the material under the nail with the blue rings round it is cracking all over the place. Have you experienced this or heard of this at all?

Anon Resistance says:

“It turns out that’s not even how you measure intelligence”

Joshua Ramirez says:

compared to a rig connected to a enail, how does the boost compare in terms of flavor and size of the hit?

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