Da Buddha Vaporizer Tutorial – TVape

TVape shows you how to use the formidable Da Buddha vaporizer. Read below to find out more!

Da Buddha Vaporizer is a high-quality whip-style stationary vaporizer which is fast and easy to use once you know your way around it. TVape takes you through the contents of the package, how the unit works, and much more!

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Package Content 0:19
Sterilization 0:52
Temperature Settings 1:52
Filling the Heating Chamber 5:00

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Ned Kirby says:

when I get my first STAND ALONE NON PORTABLE unit THIS is going to be the one I get. The others like the Silver Surfer and The Volcano are JUST TOO complicated to use and set up…


Thanks – very informative video!

Roxana Corbett says:

Yes, I found them that night – started following the lumps in the bag until I found an opening to get to then.  Thanks for taking the time to give me a clue.  Still adjusting to its use.  

Nevs DaSteez says:

About to order mine 🙂

Roxana Corbett says:

Thanks for the education.  Just got mine, but the wand and mouth piece were missing.  Geeze – I wanted to try it out. 

SteelRose7 says:

I doubt that this would be an issue but I’m curious: Has anyone noticed a performance difference or any issues when using an extension chord/power strip as opposed to a ground unit?

I know it’s just a 120V connection but feedback is appreciated. Vaporizers get very hot…

liquid avalon says:

Awesome video and tutorial on this unit. I agree, this is the one I will be getting!


awmawgawd I just got mine and it’s spectacular, really an awesome value for the money especially with all the stuff you get

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