Da Buddha Vape by 7the Floor Vaporizers

Hi Folks! Today we are looking at the Da Buddha Vape (DVB) by 7th Floor Vaporizers. A little back story… summer is approaching and I just put the finishing touches on my deck. As much as I love portable vapes, my “home base” always gets a plug in unit. For me, plug in vapes are the BEST way to get where I want to go! They hit harder, give bigger clouds and they typically are a better choice for groups as they can hold more herb. Since this was going outside it needed to be pretty hardy and I remember reading a review on reddit a few years ago about someone who left their Buddha out overnight in the rain. The poster said all they did was let it dry for 24 hours and it was good to go! I certainly don’t plan on leaving any of my vapes out in the rain but this seemed like pretty good endorsement on the durability! Sold!
Da Buddha Vape is from 7th Floor Vapes ( 7thfloorvapes.com ), they are an outfit out of Colorado so they may know a thing or two about the weed game. 7th Floor produces a nice line of high performance vapes, mostly plug in, and the Da Buddha and it’s big brother, the Silver Surfer, seem to be the most popular. Both are simple to use, whip style vapes with the latter having a bit of an artistic edge over the former. Since I’m in Canada, I purchased mine from vaporizers.ca
Use is super simple… you got a dial in front (like the VapeXhale Cloud Evo) and that’s about it! Turn the knob to 12 o’clock to start and dial it in from there (though I wouldn’t go past 3o’clock as you might combust).. The wand is loaded and placed in the holder and you draw…. That’s it!
The vaporizer that’s produced from Da Buddha is a little dependant on the user but the draw technique is very easy to catch on…. a nice slow, even draw for about 10 seconds in the 1 o’clock zone is going to be super smooth and flavourful.
My only gripe, and it’s a small one, is that I would have loved it if there was a little notch you could feel when turning the knob to let you know you at noon. Right now the knob turn is smooth all the way around.
In conclusion.. GREAT vaporizer!! The Da Buddha is a fantastic, heavy hitting desktop vape that will satisfy pros and amateurs alike.


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