Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers


Max explains the difference between conduction and convection heating methods and the merits and downfalls of each.

Convection has long been considered the superior form of vaporization, but is it really that much more effective or beneficial than conduction heating? And what happens when you combine the best of both worlds?

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ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

For me it comes down to considering if you’re going to smoke every day or often, go with convection, easier on your lungs.

Chris m says:

so, the convection has better taste, cooling, smell and more even heating?
I just want to buy a vape, but i can’t decide which is superior. wouldn’t the conduction cause combustion faster?

MikeyLindsey'sAdventures says:


TheMW2informer says:

And I’m sure that “mighty” costs hella money

Nate one says:

Pax sucks for the price

Casca Fdasca says:

What is your opinion on the Utillian 720 $219 (convection) in comparison to the Arizer Air $199. Is the Utillian 720 a waste or the better deal? I’m mostly curious as to which will last in the long run and if the vapour production and quality is much better?

Vince Noir says:

Hey Max, any chance of seeing some butane vapes, like the Sticky Brick or Vapcap? Love the channel!

ActiveKoala says:

CFV is very good. I recommend it.

T. Delta says:

there’s also discretion, which I imagine goes to conduction, as the chamber and heating component are very close together if not the same part, meaning miniaturization is easier

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