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andro team says:

Arizer Extreme Q Temperature  ?  My Englisch is bad.

Dogi Hauses says:


luciferianblood237 says:

for the vapir no2 do u still think thats the ideal temp 350-355 or have u changed ur mind by now?. and about the draws you mean 15 to 20 the duration of the whole draw or the interval between draws? btw great video tnx 

Matt Pendse says:

im sorry i new to this, but
i have found the lower the temp the better. You start low and build up to the point that there is nothing. Like squeezing a sponge. I have found this to last a session of over 4 hr.
My mate that lend me one did say the same thing about keeping it at 5-7 range but still with the milking effect.
I have found if you start to high on the setting you lose soooooo much more than starting low and building up

The Vape Critic says:

+zayarummm yes that’s exactly what you should do

+Sungodv i suppose you are correct sir

+Chris Diep – good choice!

Heriberto Maya says:

Do you have temperature recommendation for the firefly 2? (for normal and for couch lock)

SulfurCitizen says:

Mate, excellent video very curious.

asb0man 11 says:

i know its a old video but why chose to pack the elbow

zayarummm says:

I’m not sure why you like the volcano better if it is leaving unused herb…*confused*

idostuffhigh says:

Definitely 356F with the Mighty for me, but if I do daytime vaping and don’t want to get too high I vape at around 329F. Really anything between 320 and 410 though. Usually do 356 -> 383 -> 410 for ultra long vape sessions.

Blood & Gold says:

I just got my “Extreme Q”, and i love vaping now!!! BUT it took me about a week to be satisfied with my temperature setting. I currently am in love with temp set at 400-F*, no more no less. My herb comes out nice and brown. don’t see any over browned or burnt pieces.
 my question is this, in your opinions am i over cooking my herb’s?

Zacq768 says:

nice video man but take it easy on the cutting inbetween words… 

just learn to speak with some fluidity. 

The Vape Critic says:


secretddf says:

I’ve owned and used a volcano digit for the last five years and I set my temperature around 355 to 360 because I like the flavor… Temperature. I also make my balloons about 4 1/2 feet long. I take a whole roll of bags and cut them in half and make two jumbo sized balloons. I feel my chamber approximately three quarters full and they pay the five over about 20 to 30 minutes.I only vape my material once and then give it to friends to smoke in their bong. Just curious what the reviewer thinks of vaping like this and if he has ever tried vaping in this manner?

zayarummm says:

So…are you saying that we should put the herb in the elbow, and not the main chamber, of the Extreme Q?

Emil Larsson says:

1 draw = 1 Bag?

hellraiser666666 says:

for the aromed 4.0 its 191°C – for dry herbs

Don L says:

So your preferred temp range is 350 – 385… I’m most concerned about tar intake. If 380 is combustion, does that mean if I smoke at 375, I’m avoiding tar completely and if I crest 380, I”m now getting a lil tar? I’m really trying to discover how I can save my lungs from stress.

Hamza Hussain says:

suuuh du

Sungodv says:

Good idea, but without something like a laser temperature gauge, the concept is purely subjective.

JustSomeGuy says:

Excellent video, you’re good at speaking clearly, quickly, and presenting information. Much better than most youtube reviewers. I would watch you reviewing anything. 

ATControlFreak says:

The Volcano is no longer the flagship vaporizer on the market, in my opinion. I just bought the Herbalizer 2 days ago (maybe 3 days ago, I can’t remember much).

Also, it looks like your plant material was being combusted. I don’t think it should ever turn black if it doesn’t reach 451 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately when combustion begins to occur. The Herbie has constant temperature control within +/-5 degrees F controlled by a processor that is faster than a Sega Genesis (lol, i know right? That’s how they describe it on their site.). It has a full color LCD screen that talks to you in messages, jokes, and vaporizing tips; a different message just about every time I opened it for 10 minutes. Made with medical grade equipment and a 2 year quality guarantee, I even heard a rumor that it was designed by 2 retired NASA engineers (that’s what initially piqued my interest).

The icing on the cake has to be the Aromatherapy mode. You set a timer and this thing can vape-out a decent sized closet/room in a few minutes. It has a pretty powerful fan and a silicone hose to use like an automatic hookah, fuckin sweet.

My advice to ANY smoker: Don’t spend another penny on any other accessory. Save up the $720 for this thing; I swear to GOD you will thank me and the geniuses that birthed this clam-shaped god.

Christo says:

im good at 330 degrees f or 170 degrees c for my extreme q

Greg F. says:

Some things I’ve found useful can be to let the vape heat up for a few more minutes before starting your session, and to drop the fan speed to low to more fully vape the herb, at least when using the bag. Something to be wary of is the lower fan speed might increase the temp. reaching the herb and create more smoke than vapor. This process takes more time, but I find the vapor to be a perfect density once you dial it in on fan speed 1

Anon Forever says:

It is call a vaporizer!! if you see material combustion’s it mean its burning and to hot! Your looking for vapors not smock…..  I use the Q and it is set to 150.

floydbumby says:

quality vid !!!

thelocustemperor says:

I find the best results are between 365-395*

ProductionBandit says:

just got a volcano
so good, i’ve tried the launch box and another vape in the $300 range i can’t remember the name of, but out of those two, the volc blows it out of the way
you’d hope so for the price

jessica allen says:

How about Pax 3?

Dom Jenkins says:

when he says quality of vapor is he talking strength or just taste?

MR ROSA says:

i was just interested temp and i typed that and a bunch of blahblah blahvideos popped up, and thanks to u straight to the point. thank u Beanie guy with indoor sunglasses.

Jonathan Ng says:

You can try to vape at 365f for the first bag and increase the temperature by 4 degrees after each bag

Justin Klahne says:

Extremely professional and informative videos. Like another guy said, much better than other reviewers talking like stoned Neanderthals with a flip phone camera. Guys like you give credibility to the med/rec cause. And more importantly, shoot down the general public viewed stigma of the “dumb stoner” so to say.
Subbed and much love

icyicco_ 47 says:

First of all thanks alot man. You’r smart, unlike what I sense when I watch most other reviewers out there, have a great way of explaining things, and also actually speak ENGLISH, like…correct English.
Great info on the best temperatures, I also like it cooler then hotter btw.
Anyway, super subscribed. Take care.

Chris Diep says:

I think you kind of sound like Christopher Walkin 😉

I just got my Digi-Volcano and I thank you for the info!  The previous video said 200 and I was about to waste my bowl!  Thank you sir!

McPhattz N says:

Howdy. I’ve been using the Arizer Solo over the last few years, but it unfortunately just took a dirt nap. I fluctuated between settings 4 and 5 as a starting point, but when I would vape I’d grind my herb with a Santa Cruz, pack the chamber lightly and take light and long duration pulls. I’d usually stop at the first hint of bitterness regardless of the herb I’m using. I guess I would consider myself either a weed snob, or weed whisperer.

Mehmet Bulbul says:

You got your facts right my friend. Thank you

Zeïlax Sledj says:

Greetings from new york as well have the Volc Classic, I keep mine a little over 4, around 340 farenheit. But I always figured to keep the temperature this low to avoid as much possible combustion of herbs & of course combustion to lungs. Your thoughts?

trulukkyphrank says:

this is so cool, you make very good videos, it’s so rare today to see quality like this for free! you must be a good person! I would be very interested if you do this with some newer vapes 🙂

Turtlefoot69 says:


MaxMcfax says:

I remember watching this shortly after it came out. I always appreciate your videos – you fucking legend!

Cenk Cafer says:

lol you kinda sound a little like christopher walkins lol

Ryu Ken says:

hey man i have the volcano digital and I always put it at 385 and take 3 bags…any recommendations? am I wasting my herb or am I doing it the right way?

natalie thanisch says:


Blood & Gold says:

I get that burnt popcorn smell, NOT that it bothers me. I don’t mind, i do end up coughing every damn time though. But like i said, my herbs don’t look burnt at all.
Just nice and brown.

flo_worsnop says:

Which is the best temperature to get very baked for the extreme q?

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