Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2018

My current top picks for best desktop vaporizer 👉

Order shown (random):
Glass Symphony
VapeXhale EVO


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The Vape Critic



Jon Casse says:

That first vape is a joke.

Try it Thrice says:

Have you tried the VaporRise 2? Can’t seem to find people doing comparisons that include it much but it seems comparable in specs to the extreme q from what I can tell.

E.B.A.H says:

E nano or ghost mv1?

MF MERIK Does Vinyl says:

Switch? And this big square box, recessed nail, attached whip. Cant remember the name. Allows combos.

stefan zderic says:

yo can I have one of those that you don’t like anymore or don’t use love your vids

DREAMER$ says:

Witch would you say is best, vapeXhale or flowerpot ??

Rick Fisher says:

Volcano sucks and you are using the extreme q vaporizer wrong if used right you have an experience efficiency of vapor that cannot be beat.

Julian Gelin says:

i like the e nano the best.. i can leave it on all day with no problems and the efficiency at which it vapes herbs is just superb. Pair it with a bubbler and have you beyond medicated. used to go through 2 or 3gs a week but now with the e nano i legit vape maybe a little bit over a g throughout the week. Would highly recommend

MF MERIK Does Vinyl says:

For real tho, why havent u covered the Dytanium? I need a review before Feb.

Dylan Knowlton says:

Dont drop the Evo . .

wordgrrl71 says:

Am I the only one who thinks the Plenty his hard to use with the auto off thing and timing the heat up?

King Reviews says:

Now out of these could u pick ur top 3 or just tell me what u would say top 3 is cause I’m buying one tonight lol

Dim Sum says:

And no Herborizer :/

Captain Zeke says:

Bought the flowerpot with the help of your review. (Of course I used your coupon code for a kickback for your troubles!)

I went out to buy a bong and lo and behold I have the same one as yours.

I need to master the new vrod though, it’s such an awesome device…plus if I get attacked I can chuck my heater stand at them…its heavy as hell.

JohnnyMcpott says:

I have the Plenty and it is as described – comparable to Blunts / Bongs but fresh, clean and delicious. Just bought the Crafty for on the go and it is amazing as well. Pretty happy with the Storz & Bickel quality.

chant86k says:

Hey Bud! I’ve been watching your videos for YEARS, so thank you! lol
Random question…where can I find an awesome little “scoop/spoon” that I see you using to load these vapes?

D RoFdez says:

The Vape Critic what about some picks for vaporizing with 510 THREAD BATTERIES

AS says:

what a load of bull crap lol.. people forgot how to roll a good one?

T Bone says:

I have a Cloud Evo, is the Plenty still worth getting?

Manuel Riemer says:

Will you review the Zeus Arc GT in 2019?

Sandvwitchman says:

Is there a reason you dry rip your glass pieces or is it personal preference?

Pete de pad says:

5:10 Can you also use it by sucking on the glass piece to fill up a balloon, but without the balloon. Because the inside of the balloon or silicone tube collects all the good stuff. Use a balloon a couple of times and feel th inside of it. That’ts a lot of loss. A cilicone tube is even worse.
The E Nano looks to solve that problem but I can’t find it in Europe

Len M. says:

S&B sell a chamber reducer for the Plenty and the Volcano. I just ordered a Plenty to go along with my trusty Volcano digit.

MF MERIK Does Vinyl says:

Any reason u dont cover the Dytanium desktop?

pipeline3609 says:

Enano has been my daily driver for a couple years now. Gets plugged in when I wake up, and unplugged when I’m going to sleep hahaha

Paul Schulz says:

The Plenty looks awesome!! Do you know the ideal load size for the Plenty if i want great clouds? greets from germany !

donotseemecricket says:

Were you ever able to get your hands on/try out the AroMed Vaporizer 4.0?

wodie says:

I got meself the plenty after watching all your Reviews about it. I cant really get the hang of inhaling. The vape never gets very dense. Do you inhale very slowly? Or is there any other Trick? I get much more dense clouds from my crafty.

mike parker says:

nice job sir.. thanks for the info.

wordgrrl71 says:

The PLENTY looks nuts.

Bigchriztian01 says:

Review for average consumer

Martin Schmidt says:

My favoured Desktop is the flowerpot vrod. Its amazing for 710 and weed. Twaxing is killer. 🙂

Logan Marshall says:

My favorite part of the video when he is talking about the double decker and he says I love this. It’s just so sincere LMAO

Martijn de Geele says:

Does the tube also cool the vape a bit? I’m using an Arizer Solo II right now and find the vape hitting pretty hard around 200 Celsius. It also kinda fucks with my throat then.

MF MERIK Does Vinyl says:

Dytanium review.

Acid Skies says:

It must be annoying in your house when the bass drops every time you take a draw from a vape

Cosmic Brian says:

I always felt he’s all stores n bickel truth is they are the most carcinigenic and gernerally easiest to burn, i have had two volcano’s i sold them both to easy to burn, i dont like all plastic construction so the mighty and crafty are out!! SSV all the way or the da buddha as a 1st vape get them for 109.99 if you shop around, you cant beat glass on glass and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and the da buddha and the SSV give you borisscilate glass on glass. So best budget desktop Da buddha no contest and I own 2 arizers a pax 3 a airvape which is the best portable btw, followed by the pax 3 but its only shades it cos of ease of use. and several others..Including the crock Ghost avoid, complete waste of money…

FoshoJohnnySupreme says:

this video made me a subscriber. straight, honest, and to the point

MDallDAY420 says:

I have Barret’s Esophagus , what desktop vap would you recommend for me for a daily driver. I dont like all that extra on a vape. A silver Surfer is more the style i like, was thinking of a SSV.

WaUiBlunTPR says:

Do you think the Arizer Extreme Q is a good choice for first desktop? I’m on a budget, great videos btw and thanks for the sticker and the bud pick, I just order one.y cm grinder will love that sticker.

Randolph the frog & jack says:

The frog and I love our Volcano which has served us flawlessly for years. Storz and Bickel have gotten the formula right: Provide a product with quality materials and ease of use and extremely efficient. You get what you pay for with a Volcano.

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