Beetle’s Juice E-liquid Review

In this lovely little segment we show you how to properly dispose of shity eLiquid such as this one


B Hudson says:

Dust mites lmaoooo

Hill Boston says:

Best ficking video ever!

Mike Tilley says:

Beetlejuice lifts 130lbs and will knock you the fuck out. Lol

Bruce Leeroy says:

I’d rather smoke weed

afterstars says:

Nothing better than sliding into second base with glass shards in your leg.

milixe1 says:

“Who me?”

Hill Boston says:

funniest video ever, you guys are fucking great

Rj Hinanay says:


Kevin Billingsley says:

Don’t vape that!!! Paragon Laboratories is a fuels and lubricants chemical company. That juice has to be a joke. You’re probably vaping toilet water.

Loren Robertson says:

OK. Looks like it might contain black tar heroin. Hope you guys don’t have to pee test!

Woodland Tactical says:

Better or worse than cloud baby?

B Hudson says:

Why does JTG
not have a CV dog tag??!!

boosted says:

So you just broke glass bottles all over a baseball field that kids play on & when one of them slides in the dirt or grass & gets cut then sees ejuice bottle labels that’s gonna look just greattttt for the vaping community!

Tomas Ruoti says:

ahahaha hilarious

therealmccoy2004 says:

u guys are vaping sewage! lol

kristina bernier says:

Matty got a little fatty.

Jeff McNally says:

absolutely hilarious

JoE Beard says:

Beard Vape Co new flavor named Tan, disgusting as fuck!

Manex Paradela says:

Hahahaha… i wish there’s more e-juice review like this and by the end of the year, you guys can do a top 10 worst e-juice of the year. hahaha….

Nicholas Giunta says:

Together again lol

Robert Bruner says:

Yeah…they got that juice from broad and market out of the dunkin D’s toilet! Cambodia!…#dopesickejuice

Scott Sirkis says:

You guys might need to vape the influenza vaccine to get well after that one. Love you guys and welcome back JTG.

California xbOnline says:

probably wont believe who still makes this crap juice…

your one and only Slim…

Nicholas Giunta says:

Jeff looks good finally

Nick Cip says:

is that jason werth lol

Jason Williams says:

When I seen that box of e juice at the baseball field I laughed so hard I was crying because I have one just like that for all the shit juice I’ve gotten over the years. 5mg nic lmfao.

jrpNH3 says:

jit bags insulting the beet.

fatboi vapes says:

you two fucking guys are hilarious….def will watch more vids

Austin Bennett says:

lol dont hate on Beet guys

Wayne Trammell says:

Big Blue gum Juice

Brian Feeney says:

Matt I threw beetle juice in a miget tossing contest at a bar in N.E PHILLY LMAO….I’M look for the pic. when I find it I’ll post it

Tom Trupiano says:


B Hudson says:

Shut the fuck up!!! Love you fools hahahah sickkkk videoooo lmaooo

douglas jardine says:

hahaaha this is beetle its as bad as can and you know its the best ejuice

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