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TVape shows you how to use the Arizer V-Tower for best vaporization of dry herbs. Read on to learn more!

The Arizer V-Tower is a high-quality, low-cost, whip-style vaporizer designed for fast and even vaporization of dry herbs. The V-Tower is very easy to use after scoping out the TVape guide, so be sure to watch the full video for tips on setup, cleaning, and much more!

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Package Content 0:20
Sterilization 1:00
Display Setting 1:31
Filling the Heating Chamber 4:34

For more information on the Arizer V-Tower, visit the product page here:

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TVape says:

This unit is a strictly whip-style vaporizer. The Extreme Q gives you the option of vaping with either a balloon (great for groups) or a whip (more personal). The Extreme Q also comes with a few more bells and whistles, like the remote control :). Both are solid products made by the same company, so the decision to go with one or the other depends entirely on whether or not you’d like to have the added bells and whistles: balloons, remote, etc.

Justin Miller says:

I have this model of vaporizer but it is displaying er1 on the screen whet does that mean?

Guy Mathers says:

Thanks Milad; just bought one today and we’re loving it! Seems like great quality construction so far, for sure. My girlfriend suggested an integral poker holster so I don’t lose the thing.

jmgears says:

Good, detailed videos! I love this vape!

Nancy Smith says:

Good job. Found my Tower but not the instruction booklet! Back in business.

Bentis Comprakriev says:

The Airizer Extreme Q is a poor man’s volcano. Having both, I can say that the airizer heating element is about 1/4 the size of the volcano’s. You get what you pay for. The airizer works well with very small amounts of dry herb, but it quickly gets bogged down by larger amounts. I don’t know why they sell this with bags because the fan is not powerful enough to inflate them. It only works with the whip where you can ‘boost’ the fan by drawing on it with your own lungs.
The quality doesn’t impress me, I expect this unit will fail in a couple years. The volcano has excellent warranty service, I don’t know how it is with this one but time will tell. It seems like its been made to be thrown out when it breaks instead of repaired.

EH CBunny says:

Is there a fan option on this vape?

John Doe says:

I love this thing

Nandedattebayo2 says:

This really looks like a great product! I’m getting one

Armen V says:

I’m sorry if I missed it.
Where does the screen go? How often do you need to change it? (Common sense?)

TVape says:

There is no fan option with the V Tower, but Arizer’s upgraded model of this stationary, called the Extreme Q vaporizer, does have an internal fan. It allows you to vape with both balloons and a whip. Check it out!

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