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The Arizer Extreme Q and the Digital Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel are two of the best desktop vaporizers on the market. Check out how they perform side-by-side with TVape’s comparison review!

The Arizer Extreme Q and the Digital Volcano are two of the best-performing desktop vaporizers available, but how do they fare side-by-side? TVape tries out both units and lets you know the better deal for vapor quality, ease of use, value, and much more!

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TVAPE says:

We have Canada wide FREE shipping, just make sure to enter coupon code 8881888 when checking out. There will be a spot where you can enter it before you actually press the button to pay, so you will come accross it.

The price of the Q is currently 239. So you will pay that plus nova scotia tax and the unit will ship to you from within Canada.

Check out our website at

thank you 🙂

yojoono says:

How much would shipping a place like Ottawa cost?

Shawn M says:

On the website Ive noticed the extreme Q and the volcano both get vapor quality ratings of 9.5…so is the volcano really that much better. Im upgrading from a silver surfer so I like whip style. I just want to know if the extreme q is the better option for my lungs.

Ryan Anderson says:

Yup, get the classic. Less likely to fuck up or malfunction, and is cheaper then the digital. I prefer my volcano over any other vaporizers i got, or others that iv’e tried by 100000000000% 

kopjesenseo says:

Both are very good but a friend lean toward Arizer.

thedoonce says:

volcano is better by far, stop kidding yourselves people its expensive for a reason, Germans are the best engineers period.

yixnorb says:

Ya gotta be really really lazy to use a remote for this. It’s not like ya gotta get up all the time to change the tv channels.

the family man says:

Why compare a Honda with a Ferrari if your broke buy the q but if you got the cash don’t waste your time just get a volcano.

thedutchrutter16 says:

I owned the extreme Q, bro i will say it does a pretty good job for the price however here are a few things you may want think about. First off mine just broke about 4 days ago i have only owned the unit for 1 1/2 years i did use it everyday. Of course this review can not show it but this thing gets gunked up and dirty quick, all the pieces are glass you drop they break i had to replace multiple times. The bag you have to hold your finger over it if not drawing, bottem line buy a volcano i did.

Scott Hill says:

I almost forgot. Is there an automatic shut off on the extreme Q? That is a pain in the ass. Because I am paralyzed and I need to ask someone else to turn it on for me.

Lory Chase says:

Hi.. I have the extrem q and its great but now I have a PROBLEM the “glass” surrounding heating stone has broken?????? What can I do?

Daniel Barrios says:

So whats better…? The arizer or the volcano?

Scott Hill says:

Do you have to have the fan on to get a draw from the extreme Q?

TVAPE says:

Ottawa shipping is free and takes about 1-2 business days to get to you if you order through us (

AMagicalUsername says:

419F for me 😉

Love All says:


TVAPE says:

Shipping to Newfoundland is free! Be sure to use the free shipping code found on our website:

TheDankTank420 says:

It has a 3 year warranty? Buy from authorized dealers.

Katalowins says:


ollietheocta says:

hey if i was ordering to Newfoundland how much would it be?

Quint Bowman says:

Recently brought a digital easy valve volcano….I love it…theres nothing that can come close to a volcano session .

Corn Wilson says:

How does the arizer compare to a water pipe? I’ve obviously never vaped before but I obviously want it to be better than having a water pipe. What do you think makes you go through botanicals quicker, vaping or water pipe? I’m willing to spend the money on the volcano but it is a lot of money, especially when the arizer might be better than what I’m having at the moment then I could in a couple of years get a volcano or whatever is top of the line then

WirlWind says:

If you want a volcano, get the classic. It knocks like $150 off the price (in Australia at least) and you lose what is essentially a gimmick (the digital readout).


is the Q better than top portables eg crafty air or firefly?

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