Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer Review with Stoner Steve

Lung Lee brings the Arizer Extreme-Q vaporizer over to Stoner Steve’s place to get him off of rolling papers. Check out what’s in the box at:


Semper Li says:

Neither of these guys have any idea what they’re talking about

Alex Matthews says:

I’m so totally buying one of these as my first vape. I’ve been looking at other vapes as well, and this one seems to have the best value for the price.

- - says:

Fuckin newbs… says:

harold & kumar 😀

Drugs Bunny says:

Ahh you have to put the device on with the bowl and elbow with the fan on a low speed until the glass is hot. FUCKING IDIOTS

Dan O'Connell says:

yeo guys! you fellas are awesome and very entertaining. i’ve been watching ur videos trying to figure what i feel like spending my money on, and for the money i’m spending i want the best i can get you know what i mean? my range is 200-350. this vape really caught my eye from day 1. i’ve read countless amounts of reviews and with this vape its been all across the board with what im seeing. people love it, people hate it. i figured i’d find out from you guys for the money, what do u recommend?

Will D says:

Bob and Doug McKenzie for the nu millenium.

Spectre , says:

worst review ever lol

Lunartrek says:

Biggest advantage I have found with the Volcano Vape is the vape chamber size being larger than most other vapes.  I never really have to stir my friend’s volcano, but I do have to stir the Arizer Extreme Q because the vape chamber is smaller and so, obviously, less surface area means a stronger likelihood of an uneven vape.  Is having to stir your weed after a couple of balloons really a big deal?  Not for me, anyway.
The volcano is fire and forget and it works great.  Absolutely great!  if money isn’t an issue for you then I would say, hands down, the Volcano is the way to go and it just isn’t easy to beat German engineering.  For my money, my high, and my purposes the Arizer offers some of the greatest versatility and ease of use of any vaporizer system I have yet used.  It has it’s cons, but I consider them outweighed by it’s pros including it’s complete ease of use.
My only real gripe about the EQ is that the rubber insulation on the top part of the vape chamber doesn’t do a good enough job at insulating your fingers from the heat of the glass.  They should have provided some glass-safe tongs instead of the rubber insulation.  Not a big deal for me though.

Ontario Hashish says:

Jeff Ross Lyte

cookinsdabest says:

these kinds of reviews are so much better than the ones with just a dude in shades talking fast as fuck

lexx10079 says:

Then you can take it up gradually and keep vaping till u can’t draw any vapour out anymore and the green herbs turn brown , then time to change the bowl

OperatorBehaviour says:

The guy on the right reminds me of the gay dude from independence day, also i just ordered mine and cant fkn wait.

hectorqwer says:

339F is like 170 C… Too low. The min is 185 but i think it works perfect on 215



MNightTomalan says:

You don’t want it to combust, you just want it to evaporate. That’s the whole point of a vapouriser.
Plant material combusts at around 235 C, but cannabinoids vapourise between (like you said) 185 C and 230 C.

Syph1l1S says:

fuck u guys 4 having gay ass noise at the end

spades77seven says:

You guys are more comedic than actually informative in pretty much all of your videos. You are hitting this vape like a bong when you need to be hitting it slowly. The fan is mostly for the bags not to push vapor in your mouth. The general rule with 90 percent of vapes is the slower you hit it the more intense the vapor…. Actually in pretty much every video you get no vapor clouds at all, which means you’re hitting every vape wrong. You shouldn’t be reviewing vapes you cant use correctly.

Sungodv says:

3:38 – I can’t do any more…I’M SOLD!
I mean remote and potpourri ! 2:43

sikbowl says:

Oops, right you are. It’s just below combustion isn’t it. What I was saying were the vaporization points.. Vaporization not combustion. None of that shit. My bad.

agentpyx says:

Speed Three

DyingSID666 says:

put the fan on, even when your using the whip ffs.

OMG BeCkY says:

Won’t the glass bowl crack if it’s cold and you put it on the thing once it’s all heated up?  And does the weed really get hot if the fan isn’t on?  

Paulo Z says:

210C its a nice temperature. Have the bowl there from the beginning thou, and let glass chamber heat up. Gently touch the glass (to see if its hot) and its ready…

MNightTomalan says:

Benzene? What? Benzene is a Hydrocarbon that is combustible itself. Carbon Monoxide is the killer component of smoke, which kills you because it has a higher affinity to Haemoglobin than that of Oxygen.


This is so dumb haha the temp is too low they arent vaping and they packed it too tight nothing happening to theyre weed hahahaahahahahah

Richard Trotz says:

You guys know you’re inside? What’s with the hat and sunnies?

Clay Bowser says:

This is cool but I got lung lee and stoner steve confused haha

Dude stop Dropping My fucking Weed!! says:

They put way to much weed in it.

Slapsack69 says:

Man you guys fucked up. Might as well call it the AIRizer the way you guys are usin it. First off try a temp like 230C a go. Let that shit burn baby man up. And second of all didnt you notice somethin was up when you exhaled nothing. Says vaporizer in the name. Vapor = not air = GG

Blake Jones says:

Sorry to say but these guys are freaking idiots and dont know how to operate the vaporizer. See other videos of this vape, it can actually blow some decently big clouds. These clowns blew out nothing.

Huan Pablo says:

Ahaha they got so high

rg3yeayouknowme says:

Spades… shut up bro. Let them review it based on how they want to use it. You’re such a loser. Outa here…

lexx10079 says:

You’re doing it wrong , I have the arizer and you start off by setting the temp at 375f then you put the whip on with herbs and you do have to let the herbs heat up for about 5/8 mins , now when you inhale u draw actual vapor .!as if you where smoking , and trust me it’s a choker , you’ll be coughing you’re lungs out specially if you’re new to vaporising , it makes it last twice longer too .

Valerii Gerashchenko says:

two slowpoks without a steam

gjhfgjhf says:

This is so cringe. This is why I hate “stoners”

10jdooley says:


Douglas White says:

why you gotta hide behind sunglasses and hats???

Luke Hilton says:

Ha the guy on the left reminds me of Kumar soooo much

ssn708 says:

Pick up a test tube holder from Amazon or a surplus store for grabbing the bowl.

0mrdiu0 says:

LOL, baking gloves! hahaha, don’t need no stinkin gloves!  Hold it from the top where the rubber is.

BiggieBUL says:

Both of u guys are pure retards

lie down says:

Yes this is the best alternative for any one who doesn’t wanna fork out 700$

iGaze says:

4:34 “but i love eeeeeeet”

sikbowl says:

Vaporization/boiling points.

Lunartrek says:

You guys don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.  Not one word.  XD
Don’t listen to these guys, people.  I’m not throwing in for the Extreme Q, but they are talking out of their asses.

Ben Dover says:

whats the best temp to have it at?

jblue777 says:

Do it up brah…do it up brah!!! You guys are hilarious!

Dan O'Connell says:

also portability doesn’t matter to me, i prefer something i can just keep at my house and have on my table for whenever i want and get my money’s worth from it. thank you very much guys!

Psillytripper says:

I’ve had one for over 2 years now and i love it.  You do have to stir the lil chamber up when you’re making a new bag or whip  but it hits reallly well and you can customize it to your desire at that moment. I don’t see a reason why to shell out for a volcano with this  but to each their own

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