Arizer Extreme Q Balloon/Whip herb Vaporizer Review, Demo & Tips EQ

In this episode we sit down and have a conversation about the Arizer Extreme Q balloon and whip vaporizer.

The other whip style vaporizer that we referred to in the video is the HotBox vaporizer. We made a review for it as well here:

We keep our bud in JyARz now. You can see them in this video on the right of the EQ (one is pink, one is blue) Check out our review of JyARz:

Keep vaping and come back for more videos soon!

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Rikardo González Treviño says:

Actually you’re supposed to turn the heat ALL the way up and let it heat up for 3-5 minutes then turn it down and use it. It also isn’t loud, don’t knownwhat you guys are talking about.
It’s not the vape it’s you.

Btv says:

yall must not be doing it right…the whip is awesome !!!!!!!

Misklahr says:

What about hash and kief in the Extreme q?

Hank g says:

hey I thought he gave a very good review! you’re a jerk!

rawolives says:

Great review, glad to see it up, I am really thinking about getting one

…there is nothing wrong with smoking the buildup you get off of a vaporizer (or re-vaping it ideally). It is not the same as smoking resin from a pipe or bong because you didn’t burn the material. Why do you see an issue with this?

mjbreal says:

lmfao Joe

Undergroundmcity says:

in the glass piece where u put the herbs, is that black top piece made of glass? Im talking about where you stir at 11:22,, is that top black piece made of glass? or rubber? and would i be able to remove the metal screen in there and replace it with a glass screen?

eric p says:

the whip in my opinion is way better, idk what they are talking about but my whip gives milk hits and lasts 3 times longer than the bag. I find the bag is better for personal. I usually pack dcently sized bowl packs and start it between 400 and 410 degrees and gradually raise the temp. Works great for me

Auston Miller says:

You’re a pussy, that “brown stuff” in the receiving glass piece is actually THC oil and is extremely potent. Put it on a bowl or in a blunt and you’ll see

tuska doom says:

is tabak and canna inside?

William Allen says:

Thanks for such a great video. You both provide a really clear and informed review. Cheers from Australia.

JetBlack68 says:

You have to pack the herb in the elbow piece where the dome screen is and then use the whip. hits will be much better, also works best for me at 410f without anything being combusted. Put the cyclone piece on (with nothing in it.), turn the temp to 410f and turn the fan on to 2 and walk away for 4-5 min. have your elbow/whip packed and when your ready, turn the fan off and pop that on the cyclone. works like a charm!

Jacob G says:


Tom Sutherland says:

You guys are weird I can barely hear it at all and it’s not at all distracting when you’re watching TV. You guys are out to lunch and you can’t talk very well and has terrible communication skills. Half of your video is saying um uh duh

MegaDudeReview says:

i was debating on me and my wife doing videos together, seeing this video im glad i didnt. staring at a vape while just listing to 2 ppl is just stupid. make a podcast.

Greg F. says:

two fun facts on vaping: that “build up” could be considered wax or a concentrate and enough saved up could be used to dab.
Also, the vaped weed that is left over doesnt need to be cooked, you could throw it on a pizza and get ripped; look up decarboxylation and form your own opinion. I use it as i would use any other herb while cooking.

Dom Jenkins says:

someone answer my damn question! how did you have to put in for 3 bags

eric p says:

and it isn’t loud at all? the fan is the only thing that makes a little noise

Troy Miller says:

This vaporizer is passive. Meaning it does not vaporize unless air is being drawn. Your herbs can stay in the bowl all day long fully heated and they won’t burn up. I have this same unit and do it all the time.

Antonio Wright says:

How do you know when its done hitting when using the ballon?

Leslie Coe says:

You can roll an earplug between your fingers and stick it in the glass mouthpiece (on the bag) to plug the vape bag. It will expand and you don’t lose any vapor!

Ray de Kleijn says:

do not! vape when shooting a demo. 18 min is a bit long for 6 min of info

Johnny Reb says:

wow this is crazy my extreme q works so much better with a elbow pack and the whip compared to the bag i get way way way thicker hits with my whip so times it matters on how fine the bud is when you put it in the elbow vs cyclone bowl part if the bud is not broken up fine enough when you do the whip it the elbow dont allow enough even heat over the bud and your suction on the whip is greater than the fans speed so when using whip suck way way slower .but if just using bag should of got the V :]

alex mandar says:

not much vapor from the whips? are you smoking upside down?

Broseph Quables says:

When I use the whip mknes set up at 229c.. doesn’t combust.

Dom Jenkins says:

Can you plz tell how much you have to put in to get 3 bags or more like you guys do ?

Ross Ritchey says:

loved the criticism, but please try and see if that whip works! it makes me sad!

TheRealBonk says:

Just so you know that residue is pure cherrie oil and is very nice in bots.

Ojosmalucos says:

can you kief it up in the EQ?

Helensrz says:


DieAxtimWalde The Forest says:

Thank you so much you two! Your video was not only informative but also includes every single detail interested users need to know such as how to use it properly, differences between EQ and Volcano, where and how to be careful with what, speaking about questions or doubts people interested before buying would like to have answered – and that on an objective as well as a subjective perspective providing your point of view with solid arguments. 3 days ago you unknowingly assisted me making a decision and actually – sitting here right now, EQ at my side emitting it like the world got to be blue, riding one of the fluffier clouds I must have been on once before it seems haha – you did assist absolutely well!

With that being said I’d like to mention that you spoke definately from my heart because whipping it doesn’t seem to work for me while bagging does. This might now come as a surprise to you: That’s the reason why I _had_ an Arizer Solo and now _have_ an Arizer EQ instead. Big ups again to you and thank you a lot 🙂

PS: You two are just lovely ^^

Helensrz says:

Lol, at 6:39, after they had already just gone over the prod and cons, she starts to say again that they are going to get into the pros and cons, *giggle*, Is it possible those vapes are getting getting to u, maybe affecting the memory just a little? Lol. Jk 🙂 It did make me laugh, it did seem like she might getting a little silly as a result of the vaping, lol…..

JerryM710 says:

Just had the weirdest experience watching your video. While watching I would think about what I would say about it, and each time I had a new thing about this you both said the exact same thing a few seconds later. It happened about 5 times. I only use the bags also. It just makes more sense because of the ease of it, and absolutely no waste. It seems like if I used the whip, I would need the fan on to get a good pull from it. I set mine at a lower temperature though. 374 F (190 C). I can get about 7 or 8 bags per bowl that way. Had mine for about 5 years now. The thing I like the best about it is that you can use it and a minute later there is absolutely no smell in the air like there is if you smoke it. Great for unexpected guests. Also great for non-smoking hotel rooms. Awesome review though. You both explained it perfectly.

1 AlaskanAssassin says:

It puts the lotion in the BASKET

TheSubstrance says:

How can you get that thickness in the vapor? I’ve tried it all and I simply can´t. Can you give me some extra tips please?? For an amateur who is starting with the vapor life. I would very much appreciatte it.

Cannabis Then And Now says:

ty nice job

Tom Sutherland says:

The girl is so dumb she keeps saying statements in form of questions. And having random brain fart constantly like honestly like uh….

Helensrz says:

*pros and cons…..stupid spellcheck….

logan canada says:

Did I hear an xbox beep around 11:30

zayarummm says:

Why is 205 the temperature you like the most?

Mewtwo420 says:

sup dudes i just ordered the blue jyar cant wait for it. thanks for showing them off!

Eric McGowan says:

did you guys happen to order it off the internet? I am curious as to how they ship it and if it is discrete, thanks

TheMadProphet says:

would you recommend this for 150$ or is there better options for 150$

webbleswobble says:

I wonder if a bite tip from a water pouch would work (I hope that’s what it is called) for the escape of vapors.

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