Second pen review from Yocan and i can honestly say this shit is crazy good, this video was recorded over a month ago, i use this pen daily with my oils and have only had to change the coils once so far with a 6$ fix, very cool, very efficient, super cheap, super stoney.


Brianna Haberek says:

Does it still have an odor ? (The smoke)

Lord Beeno says:

Typical stoner cant keep her room clean. Try the Tony Dabtana..

Joe Kent says:


Supreme GMB says:

I like to let it milk for like 1 sec between 2-3 second hits. Thing fucking rips like a real dab. Great pen. But I have had 1 that broke originally and I had to buy a second. But you already know. Shit was dope enough to make me buy 2 tho so that says something lol

Antonio Gutierrez says:

Mija Fua I love you love your videos Lol.

Bubs Reptiles says:

Amazing video and I have the same one but mine is better LMFAO but im selling mine lol keep up the great work

Happy Papi says:

I love your shirt i seen it on a website and wanted it so bad lol i just hit off the same dab pen at my friends place a few hours ago lol great review

IrishGreen ! says:

Gorgeous and she burns….I’m in love!

loco lumo says:

good information, I like your tattoos

Reece Spence says:

You sexy man shiiit

Eli says:

Literally most efficient hassle-free conspicuous way to get stoned lmao & for $20 jeez

Austin Lavista says:

I want to try wax but only co2 extracted or Rosin wax which is the juice being squeezed out of the plant by a pneumatic heat presser. I have a Yocan Evolve. It has great airflow but all I have CBD shatter.

Anthony Davis says:

Like your vid. You taking some big hits!!

jayba5609 says:

you rock girl !!

Andrew Williams says:

USB adapter. And I got one like that it has 3 quartz wrapped coils and only 5sec heat up time. It’s called the APX wax. Check it out*. An amazing vapor pen

toneythakilla says:

You are sexy omg

Puff Puff Pass It TV says:

love it!!! cheers friend. we’re launching Puff Puff Pass It TV right now ;D let’s chat

Billy Stephenson says:

I love you

JAY SKYE says:

LOVE YOU literally she is so cute

TheArtm4n says:

The magneto is a good one as well. same thing but no threads to play with, its all held together with magnets..

william andrew says:

Anyone else hear the cricket in the background??

Lord Beeno says:

BTW I have the exact pen and my battery took a shit after 5 months.

Cameron Angel says:

God you’re so sexy I’d love to smell you

Bruno Cabral says:

Can i put herbs in this?


hey, i got the same pen and it work wonders. thanks for sharing!

Slyfy says:

You kinda look like Chloe Moretz

Earl Diggs says:

Nice video, may I suggest a house plant. For your window.

James Demestihas says:

just paid $40……waiting on initial full charge…..my nectar collectors broke….dab rigs suck and waste so much…after a day..f the rig……only store 30 min drive! Went to a tiny little vape store 8 mins away no collectors but had this……..so thought why not?

gerardo marrero says:

Awesome review. Also You are a cutie.

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