Vista Quartz Element Wax Vaporizer from X-Vape: Blazin’ Gear Reviews

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Welcome to Blazin’ Gear Reviews, today we are reviewing the new Vista quartz element wax vaporizer from X-Vape.

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B says:

Yo, where the hell is my order man? I ordered July 22 and still HAVEN’T received shit from you. You can update your videos but you can’t answer the damn phone or even reply to a damn email? Pathetic.

Gothead420 says:

That looks just fantastic!
Thanks for showing and presenting this!

MB Travel says:

This is pretty cool especially for people that like to dab but are scared to do the whole torch thing.wouldnt mind having one

Raymond Morales says:

icloud vape and dabado bolt vaporizer is so much better!!! trust mee

Levi Myers says:

How long do the quartz elements last? And how come you can not dab like usual? Why would that damage them?

Big James says:

Looks awesome!

Logan Shea says:

Hey this looks like an awsome product. i have one concern, it’s not capable of a high temperature dab not needing a carb cap, is this because the nail is quartz and not titanium? could you ask the company if they offer a titanium nail or if they could?
thank you and great video

Lawliet Ryuzaki says:

hey i just noticed you kind of look like micheal on gta 5 lol. great review 🙂

RippyTheRazer says:

you can’t heat the nail up and then dab on it like a normal set up? it’s really that fragile? does it break from heat shock? (if so, that’s not quartz bro that’s glass) or is it just super thin and easy to bust straight through with a dab tool? I’m really curious because i’ve never heard this disclaimer with a product in this category before

Reiner D'souza says:

hey guys have y’all sorted out the shipping problem yet? let me know what’s going on cause I really want to get one

Drews Herbal Reviews says:

Crap! You cant clen the bubbler! The water doesn’t clean easy at all!! These guys are full of it!

rob machowicz says:

Man I had a sezure last week Tuesday didn’t break anything thank god woke up was gonna go get coffee didn’t feel right went in bathroom felt hot then came too on bed with wife talkin to me she carried me from the bathroom to the bedroom

Koukou Vagias says:

i ordered from your site one month ago. you didnt give me a tracking number. no one is answeribg in all the mails i send you… i thing i lost my mone…


thank you for the update as far the shipping Cus I thought they had stole it

Dan Jameson says:

Is it ok to use a glass dab tool instead of metal?

Positive Smash 420 says:

That thing is really cool. It seems to totally pump out some vapor.

B says:

I have waited patiently, but all I get is “shipments should come in next week, should have your order shipped out by then.” I literally got that SAME reply for weeks straight. Come on dude.

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