Vape Pen Review: KandyPens Gravity

My KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Pen Review – See my rating here:

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Revolutionary says:

WTF is with all the dislikes?

The Vape Critic says:

Discuss on the forum:

Pharos says:

ordered this same pen Friday. good choice?

Enrique Bravo says:

Which do you think is better VapeCritic, the Kandypens Gravity or the Source Orb XL

Sky High Aerial Productions says:

Nice video!!! Check out my channel!!! Please subscribe!!! Can you just put the new atomizer on a galaxy ?

kramdar dor says:

omicron v 4 !

Elijah Melchor says:

can you review the cloudv diamond please?

Bryan Caquias says:

I was unsure about which pen to buy but your videos helped me decide on this pen. Thanks and keep doing what you do.

- - says:

Bro…If you don’t mind me asking…how do you stay so up to date in the vape world? I’m just as obsessed as you, but you’re my go-to for new shit. Which is fine, but I wouldn’t mind being a little more on the up and up though. Help a dude out 😉

Moll Guti says:

What would you recommend source orb 4, puffco plus, kandy gravity pen??

Tyler says:

Are you going to review a Gpen elite anytime soon? Or do you know if its any good compared to a pax 2

Harold Kim says:

I can’t use oils with these?

vaids nomiss says:

2 uploads in 2 weeks? okay okay keep them coming man!

Stu says:

Vape you can use with hash?

Junior Hernandez says:

can you use this vape for dry herbs ?

heals005 says:

What is your coupon code bro ?

Danny White says:

I love you

Dylan Dahlen says:

@TheVapeCritic what type of concentrates would you say are the best for this pen?

BioboostShinobi says:

I’m new to wax and I am currently using the plenty vape for it. Would I get better results using the gravity pen?

MrPercythrower says:

My mighty seams so outdated now

mgxu says:

We all know your making some big bucks of this review 😉

erowee4523 says:

could you review the high 5 vape single enail?

davidsonnow says:

My ceramic disc looks like the heat is burning off the “Ceramic”, and now there is exposed metal underneath, it looks like a metal disc that is really providing the heat. I feel this is false advertising, as this is Not a ceramic disc! At least, it does not look like one…anyone else notice this? I am thinking to return this asap.

Joe Blow says:

classic vape critic review two thumbs up and stay up

Dan Christman says:

would you recommend this over galaxy?

Positivep Marketing says:

Excellent demonstration… Thanks !

CharismaAB says:

thank you so much for the promo code! I saved 40 bucks! you the real MVP.

Alex Barnes says:

Better than Dr Dabber?

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