This WAX PEN really MELTS

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The Melter from Dazzvape hits and melts! The vapor production from the titanium coils made the hit very tasty and I can only imagine how terpy the hits will be in the ceramic bowl! This pen is very affordable at around 40-50 and a great addition to any dabbers on the go!

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Jon MacDonald says:

And the World’s Worst camera man Award goes To!!!!

Louis Mentgen says:


I looked right down at my phone so confused.

MrNoob says:


Mac A. Rhonie says:

This song speaks to my soul mannnnn. Anyone know the name?

Hugo Viegas says:


Patrick VanInwegen says:

You can never go wrong with yocan pens from lighters that’s where I get all my stuff. Evolve plus XL for my waxes and Hive 2.0 for cartridges. The xl has 4 quartz coils and hits like a champ around 40 bucks and the hive is only 22 bucks.

j f says:

Always in the car. A lazy boy is way better. Stay safe mang!

Raymond Trent says:

Get a new camera bra!!

Raj Rana says:

This dude looks like Ryan Higga

SlickRick MotoWrist says:

Lol looked fucked up after 3rd hit hell ya

Azamari21 says:

Keep grinding bro, thanks for the awesome content. Just subscribed, hopefully I can blaze with you one day homie

Giovani Mata says:

Ay bro your videos are dope. Try editing a lil more tho. Those dope edits make a huge video quality difference. They’re dope as of right now but improving it people would probably even subscribe more too.

steve fazio says:

Need A new camera

A Waren says:

come on man i don’t have enough dabs do use that

steve fazio says:

Which one do you like the melter or that the other 1 that you use that you actually put in the sauce jar

Angelo Alires says:

This zoom in and out makes it sound like the camera man needs to blow his nose.

TC&J's Studios says:


Anton Shay says:

Usually 3 clicks to change the voltage

Android.A Android.A says:

That’s looks so fire I want to smoke a wax pen fire

hola califa says:

I hope you don’t look like a crackhead on the next 6 month

Persy54 says:

How do the hits on this compare to the Acus model I saw you review?

Choy Jimenez says:

the recording sucks

EvilPhilProductions says:

This guy is cool

David S says:

You can put your crack meth rock in there too

Roland Adzovic says:

Hahha niceee

Brendan Lee says:

Hey listen!! Good memories

Andre Martinsen says:

Camera zoom fail is enoying

EclipticSir says:

75k views Okay i see u! Keep it up G ive been watching u from when u first made This Channel and seeing you Grow its a Grind! RIP ur other channel tho <3 hope u have a great day to<3

daniel libao says:

Cut yo hair bruh

Florida Explorer says:

I mail ordered a Longmada Spark Quarta and a Divine Tribe Quartz Quest , both are a wax atomizer that uses quartz dish with the heating element under it . I`ll let you know how they do . later

Jayson Johnson says:

Where is the follow up video with the ceramic bowl?

I’m Baked says:

Read de instruction du

Judah Omeed says:

Dude ur cameraman is trash js

nick turner says:

I love the chemistry between you and the camera guy. It’s real. Don’t change it. It allows people to relate to you both easier.

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