STONEReview: Yocan NYX Quartz Dual Crystal (QDC) Wax Vaporizer a portable dabber with choke!

Yocan NYX atomizer with choke and massive air flow. A powerful portable dabber designed for mod box. Launched January 2016.

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@YocanTech You need to make these with Ni/Ti coils for temperature control!!!


Bizzle_187 says:

You pretty much answered my question on your Cerum video on what concentrates can be used (except for oil).. is this unit a lot better than the Cerum? Around 9:15 you mention how awesome the airflow button is.. is it worth grabbing both?? They both seem to have their pros and cons.

Alberto Velarde says:

Where did you get that container set up I love it got everything in there

DrumInfected says:

The time you took to draw that diagram deserves a mandatory thumbs up.

trey menchaca says:

These things really do hit hard

purple holiday says:

What mod are you using? Thanks…

Daniel Reynolds says:

this is great review bro!


Im wondering if i should buy this or the W4 or even the W2 ? Info is pretty spare.. I have a high tolerance

Mike Soptick says:

can u use dry herb

Ruben 831 says:

where did you get the case to hold all of your stuff?

Martin Lopez says:

wish I would have seen this b4 I got my yo can yvolve plus

some day soon says:

Good thing you had that OJ handy! Thanks for the vid man!

Jeepboy498 says:

I liked the review! I’ve got a W4, I’ve gone through two coils in WAY too short a time, mainly I think from trying shatter and bho? I like the stealth look of the yocan products. Keep on reviewing, homie, the world needs real reviews, good and bad. Subscribed! I follow this guy too, he does some pretty unique reviews, and has quite a following. It’s mostly engineering stuff, but the content is awesome.

joey lopez says:

hey would really like to know the size of the cylinder for a bubbler attachment? 10, 14, 16, 18, ect.? really appreciate it.

Jerry M says:

You damn rookies

Eli Livezey says:

7:12 best part of the video, that was funny!

Wolf Master900 says:

how long do the coils last


can i use CBD crystals with that atomizer?? i think i can and what coil you think is better?

Torrance Poon says:

can you shatter with this?

prescott231233 says:

for the amount of effort put into this video, youve earned a sub and a like from me and a share. Great job, and keep it up. Cheers!

Lol says:

HELP! Will eleaf istick 50W work with the Yocan NYX for hitting shatter and what are the recommended settings?

David Loon says:

nice video my friend enjoy that NYX i will soon get mine

Dustin Murphy says:

This thing sucks is what it should be called maybe for someone who has never used a good tank its good lol… Crap

jason p says:

Hey man cool vid, small world, i ordered a yocan evolve from you on waiting on it to arrive got some good wax waiting for it, you should restock the QDC 5 pack coils, not very hard to find this stuff online here in canada, let alone get it shipped here to newfoundland.

jeap nalls says:

yocan cerum is way better

KneelToDaPineal says:

the best is when you have used it affter a week

JelloFluoride says:

great vid

Postive Vibes says:

very informative nice set up & visuals keep it up

Donovan Malachi says:

What is the name of the battery used in this video?

Xortan187 says:

Usually smoke honey oil in mine

Justin Mills says:

Can these work with a Mech Mod ???? THX….

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