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Princessxleia says:

As long as this shit gets me more high than these blunts I’ve been smoking then I’ll try it . I fucked myself over by smoking four blunts in a row for 2 weeks and now my tolerance is so high… i smoke a Q in like a day or two ugh need to get one of these to save money

Alfredo Ochoa says:

who cares if you smoke and drive lol as long as you chillin ive driven on fucking 4 tabs adn that shit was insane

Efrain Perez says:

He has a point at 4:20

Stussy _gage says:

It seems like this nigga don’t like anything

Dat So Us says:

Love her nails

Zues Xir says:

Your girl bad bro no lie

TheForeshadowgaming says:

Looks like a smarter sixnine

Thomas Fitzgerald says:

Tbh I would never want to smoke with this dude, he’d make me want to hit him with a flying lotus or some shit

Celene Rojas says:

Plug Play All Day♥️

Don Celos says:

Which battery last longer tho!!??

joseph espinoza says:

Stiiizy gets you smacked

Hector Perez says:

Who be getting these around the DFW area? Let me know!!

Mr T. says:

Whats up hoe

Princessxleia says:

Who the hell comments mad that you’re smoking in the car.. clearly if someone’s smoking in a car there’s a reason.. it’s not the first choice of place to smoke. If parents are home, kids are home, you’re on a road trip etc cars help a lot

matthew martinez says:

Can I have a leash for my stiiizy please


Do more videos of your girl breh she’s hot to trot…props son!!!

LvL Katani says:

Stiiizy passed pesticides but failed solvents test recently!! PaP passed all tests

2kGawd says:

Anyone got a plug on these in CA?

victor low says:

plug n play ftw

lil teraminx 101 says:

I buy THC Juul Pods there $25 an they do the job pretty well.

Nikki Dee says:

The box that have the safety is a knock off and not a real stiiizy

Plug Play says:

Thanks for the review and sharing love! Our test results will be available online soon! will update this page once it is.

Drea Nieves says:

Sunflower I love that! That’s cute!

Frito Santana says:

Does plug n play still beat stiiizy you want to say from the time you posted the review till now?

Justin Vargas says:

What is that intro song

R GOOD says:

heyyyyy im from cali……… I apologize

pavelthatrapper says:

plug and play is better

Maria Salinas says:

@10:00 when you’re smacked LMAO same

Keith Young says:

These disposable things are no good.

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