Stiiizy Pen Review: Strain Specific Cannabis Concentrates Vape Cartridges

Review of the Stiiizy Pen Strain Specific Cannabis Concentrates Vape Cartridges. Learn more or buy:

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Everything Kendall says:

Wonder if these would be good flying with?

Misty ReSiStAnCe says:

off i hit this let’s say 50 times would it show up on a drug test the next day

nunya business muthafucka says:

Ayyyy keep it up Matt

Wes Brown says:

is this compaitible with Pax Era? I already have pax battery…

Hexatious says:


James T43 says:

I would have liked to see a list of the 12 different kinds they sent to you so we would know what strains they have to offer.

bob buildr says:

Looks like the ald amaze epoch

john bob says:

Anyone out there able to ship this to the UK for a fair price

no6le117 says:

not universal cartridges is always a con. In this case if you want to carry an extra battery you need to get another one instead to buy a none branded one. love you guys

Katherine Garza says:

Smoked my aunt’s cartrige wanna replace it before she notices where can I get a cartridge?

Geno Ramz says:

I wish I had all the flavors to myself

Flassa Lyrics says:

Blank screen

Jose Carlito says:

what more potent, this or brass knuckles?

kole081 says:

Matt can you recommend Vape pen for 100$ ?

Aaron Alvey says:

List of Stiiizy flavors:
Blue Dream
Strawberry Cough
Premium Jack
Sour Tangie

Pineapple Express
Granddaddy Purp

Skywalker OG
Hardcore OG

Yo Mama says:

Nice gonna check them out.

jeffxl12 says:

You smell like a new shoe I like it. 4.5 stars. Is that what your saying Matt? You have a foot fetish?

SneakerReviews says:

This gets you high right

Jiggy HD says:

My friend just got it today and honestly it’s really good. You don’t got to worry about not having a vape charger because it uses a android charger:)

AlwaysTimo says:

I am the 420th viewer of this vid

Jeremiah P. says:

Not even loading.


Great job Matt….really informative….Peace n Puff.

Gus Sanchez says:

Hey Mat did you work as an extra on the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia? I think I saw you for just a few seconds in the show.

Keannon Crank says:

I recently watched one of the videos when they make their own e-juice with one gram of wax and 2 milliliters of juice and I was wondering if it is powerful as the cartridges you buy it out of the dispensary.

Sliviz says:

Does the smoke smell like cannibis ?

j e t says:

How much does a battery and a cartridge cost together?

Santiago Toscano says:

Which pen do u think is the best one, interested in getting a pen as a gift pretty soon.

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