Review of H1 1gram thc vape cartridge. Girl scout cookies

Got it on sale. This is the least potent so far. low quality cart



I have to say it I hate these fucking pens I get more light headed from trying to hit these fucking things then actually High

Jr Johnson says:

Where do they deliver to

SWG Sauce says:

It’s so pale smh maybe it’s high in CBd instead of thc because that look like sugar water

Robert Rodriguez says:

Looks like water mixed with honey lol

Chet Weeds says:

Weed makes you lazy

yosef wahdat says:


Wishfull - says:

But I don’t like the liquidity type of carts so low quality

Robo Top says:

He said it taste like weed

Jason FlameZzz333 says:

Heavy Hitters Cold Filter-Solvent-less cartridges are really good. I stay in Los Angeles and there’s all kinds to choose from. Rove, BrassKnuckles, Alpine, Bloom Farms, etc. It depends on what you prefer. I definitely do not smoke cheap ones like this. You can always tell the quality of the product by the way the packaging is.

Villen Swagg says:

I need a pen like that a lil better how can I get one I got me that lil oil thing but need the pen

Eric Smith says:

Man I wish they delivered to Texas

John Does says:

Oh geez these wicks are still being used! I got blocked from elixir vape’s Insta for calling them out on those.


GSC is the best ive ever had in bud form. ive had it in oil and its not as specific to my needs. my eyes are my issue.

Michael Rodriguez says:

I bet it gave you a low slow high

Acid Head says:

If the bubble moves pretty fast it’s garbage

No HI-FI No life says:

Dude that is not Girl Scout cookies. That dispensary sucks. It’s just called cookies and that liquid looks very poor quality.

Jay Reilly says:

Grow you own save dollars. MSNL. Genetics are on hit.

King Qam says:

Can you put the link in the bottom of this comment

SKram Jones says:

Someone give me some BRANDS to get I smoke everyday right now using 1match and can’t find anything on that company other then there own website. Some get me up there s some do crap lol

Chunk Munk says:

Lmfao looks like pure artificial man made terps

TheDragonOfPoe says:

How do i get this? I live in kentucky and recreational weed is still illegal here. Only have had the luxury of getting to try these when one of my friends brings some in from out of state.

cristofer Nava family says:

Hey bro can you mix vape with that thc ?? If you mix it in??

RaStA ReLLs says:

I recently picked up a few of these H1 carts I am not a fan of carts that use wicks. So I have refillable 1g tanks well I poured the 1g H1 cart into my 1g refill cart thats ceramic and to my surprise these only filled my ceramic cart 1/2 way. I thought maybe I was trippin but when you hold one of these next to any 1g cart they are smaller. So it seems that the 1g H1 carts are actually a 1/2 gram carts. Check for yourself and compare them with other 1g carts fucking ripoff.

Francisco Rios says:

What’s the website? Do you know if they ship to Florida?

Star Sail says:

Only in America

Ffunny Ffrends says:

Had the grand daddy purp, the taste was there but the high wsnt. It also runs out pretty quick

Efrain Ruiz says:

Do u know if they deliver to New Jersey???

Alex McDowell says:

Vape cartridges suck I would rather just dab

jayt420 lifestyle says:

Damm bro I pay for that 10 bucks a full gram in San Bernardino, 90% THC . No bs

garrett kleven says:

The pen is not worth using at home. They are not as good as flower or concentrate. THC alone is nothing.

PremePozo says:

What’s the website called ???

Meezy Lkank says:

Where did you get your pen from

Chris Ohh626 says:

I get these for 10$

Jay Reilly says:

I got 211g of cookies on one plant under a 480w LED. Grats me bros…..


I wish you could try our carts fam. If you’re ever in L.A. we’ll give you a killer ftp. @terpasaurus_rx on IG. Have a blessed day.

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