REVIEW: 4 Vape Pens in One (HeavyHitters Quattro)

Reviewing and Testing out the Heavy Hitters Quattro!

Hitting 4 vape pens at the same time.

Check out Heavy Hitters:

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Dad says:

You’re so beautiful !

D Jensen says:

Like, wow

Heisenberg says:

Looks like a big black dildo.

Mark Guzman says:

I really want to try a blinker with all 4

Adam100A says:

The most annoying thing about smoking or vaping underage isn’t getting the vaporizer or device, but constantly having to find a way to get juice or wax or whatever you’re smoking or vaping.

Gayree says:

Lmao that shit looks like a dildo

James Zeier says:

Yo wtf ima getthat

Sonic Bird says:

All these hipster chicks think they are rowdy ass bud smokers lol.

Conbons says:

i think i love you, or lust you

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

Yeah, you look gorgeous; so what??? It’s amazing; so what??? You’re one of a kind; who cares??? You are perfect in all of your ways; cry me a river!!! You may be totally awesome, but look at the shape of that vape-pen….

joe contreras says:

You should try brass knuckles cartridges

ChArLiE BeAtZ says:

Hey that one looked like a black dildo!! Haha!!!

Jorge Morales says:

Brass knuckles are more potent highly recommended,although they can run you some money,the potency is AMAZING

Yhoao Santos says:

how do i ffucking buy this?!?!?!?!?!?

Sandip Das says:

I want bye this should i will get thi

dtx_. Sergio says:

I need sum

Dirtybird Fraijo says:

That’s all I smoke

— AdidasGawD — says:

Totally cool, don’t get me wrong, love the single, it’s great, but the Quattro? Couldn’t u just use a real wax pen with 4 coils, yocan makes a great one (evolve plus xl) that’s a quarter of the size that holds .5g, even has a silicone bottom jar that comes off, you can get it for $ 70 at my local or cheaper online for the pen. Just seems like a waste of 3 other pods! Totally cool though not trying to be a douche! Great video!

Ali Villanueva says:

Did she inhale ?

StormShift says:

i’ll hit it hard, the vapes are cool to. LMFAO

Wreck or get Wrecked says:

I’ll pass

C Snow says:

Try hot ones by sc labs

Goldclaw837 says:

Cheers from Mississippi

Exotic Car MX S.L.P says:

Beautiful <3

Eddie3074 says:

Must be nice to be a straight girl watching this video without the distraction of this cute girl doing a…. review? I guess… I wasn’t paying attention.

mmmadog Smith says:

Cat going to town on it’s self

Funny Visuals says:

shit looks like a dildo

raiderswish says:

Lol 0 comments on video information. Dont give a F how cute someone is. So basically its a plastic revolver like pen that just holds battery loaded cartridges. kinda silly, was hoping for a device/pen that delivers more vapor, not duck taping a bunch of pens together and hitting it. Heavy hitters make a heavy hitting pen

Bridgez says:

her knuckle tattoos are so fucking hot

Rickyfromthe H says:

u low key look like vanessa hudgens

Justice Pappas says:

I want a pen that hits hard af

Taehoon Kim says:

Fyi, vapeing is very harmful to your cat.

Grim Wolf Zero says:

Good idea, I am a guy and don’t want to carry a dildo lol, Prince stick ❤❤❤❤

brooke mandefield says:

you look very hot in this

GOlife says:

Yea all girls need to look like this


I wanna smell your kitty mwah

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