Micro G Pen Glass Globe Attachment Review Cloud Effect

PURCHASE a Glass Globe Attachment HERE! http://www.vapepartsmart.com/product/wax-glass-globe-micro-style-pens/

Got a new attachment for my micro g pen. Its the glass globe which gives you a prettty cool cloud effect! Leave a comment down below with your thoughts of this attachment!

Check out how to pack micro g pen with wax


pingasluvr says:

The monkey noise scared the shit out of me LOL

Alfredo Ochoa says:

your a fucking retard

Christian Fletcher says:

Why is your intro a black person laughing ?

Matthew Casaverde says:

you’re so high dude haha

Daddy AF says:

I might have to get one of these then, thanks for the dope vid!

Eric Alvarado says:

good video, nice attachments

2DTheBeast says:

so I bought a globe atomizer but it wont pull?

Ry Zochowski says:

What kind of coil do I buy with it on the website

Dr. Krieger says:

My glass globe seems to be to tight. When I put it on I can pull, there’s no air for suctiin

iTro II says:

Can you switch out the coil to the titanium mesh coil that sits at the bottom??

Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

bloodshot eyes lol

K P says:

Lol “boughted one “

Adam Creasor says:

Straight to the point ..nice

Abel Navarrette says:


Goldblooded fan says:

Bout to get one

Grant Gazeley says:



Exactly what I needed to know. Gracias!

Mr. Chief Slapaho says:

how high does it get you?

Marcus Sweetser says:

thanks bro. I was kind of thinking it would be hard to put my wax down through the mouthpiece so knowing that I can take the globe right off was awesome help, thanks man!

Broxty says:

You’re my boy? I’m confused… We’ve never met.

RAWK227 says:

I just learned that you can use wax. I only knew of e-juice. Where do you get the wax or what keywords do I use to look for it. Everything I pull up is of mods/parts and vaporizers for wax. TY

Marvin Hodge says:

Is this nigga smokin wax?

ReeferMadness TV says:

Do you have the original micro g or the newest version of the micro g?

Michi Vasquez says:

Where can I buy this online? I’m from Costa Rica and I broke mine ☹️

Fatal Cabrera says:

I just want to ask if hopefully someone can help me out, how exactly do you remove the original coil part from the battery to install the attachment? I tried pulling on mine but it’s like super stuck together, I just don’t want to risk breaking it or damaging it or maybe mine wasn’t meant to be removed? If there’s a certain tool or something to properly safely remove it please let me know or unless my pen is a version that isn’t meant to be separated, please let me know thanks

Steve Burns says:

I have a dab atomizer attachment that works amazingly uses ceramic coils honestly works better than the g pen its called dab mod attachment literally what it says on the box

Zoso Rob says:

Look for one that has two coils that heat up! I got one with a single coil most of the wax melts to the bottom

Nate Wolf says:

Title Subtitle

Nicotine says:

does this work with resin?

Young Mudd says:

i have an action bronson g pen why doesnt the attachment work?

Chase Cockerell says:

Hey I just got one and dropped some 3x crazy shatter I got and wow just two small hits and I’m high as Fuck I’m getting a yocan magnetic next weekend that thing is crazy cool you gotta check it out. So thanks and later

bretal benxy says:

can i use glass globe with the normal snoop dogg vape not the micro? thanks a lot have a good day!

Brandon Morgan says:

y do u have a bdazzled battery

Rich Ambrozo says:

I have a micro g pen same one as you and i also bought the same globe from the same place but my battery will not come off is there a Certain way to take it off?

Hailey Pickles says:

i was sold this tip for dry herb.. was the seller misinformed??

airlopez21 says:

Does anyone know if a globe attachment actually serves a benefit? Or do people just like the way it looks?

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