Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vaporizer Review: Blazin’ Gear Reviews

Today we review the LINX HYPNOS ZERO wax vaporizer.
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Let’s take a closer look at the Zero extract vaporizer pen. From the detailed logo enblazened upon the brushed metalic finish, to the beveled custom end cap the Hypnos’ every part feels polished and refined.Improved from the original is the newly designed ceramic plate heating element. Utilizing a unique design, the heating plate heats almost instantly, vaporizing the extracts with a baked flavor that is clean and intense.

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Wonder Bud says:

this or a dabado flash

Taylor Hill says:


DubbieJordin says:

Dope Video!!

G JR. says:

Anyone know how long the atomizer lasts before you have to replace it? Thanks

MadSnip3r says:

first 😛

jimmy says:

anyone know if i can use herbs on this unit?


This or the galaxy by kandy?

xSwisher says:

I think it looks like a puffco pen, is the puffco better

hustle_cannabis says:

Solid review! Buying now and will use your code.

Raw Feared says:


Abcdef Ghijkl says:

hey riffhouse can’t we vape the hash in a vaporiser

Raúl Espinosa says:

hey man great video
is there a chance of a review of the new flowermate aura? and the aura hybrid? would help a lot since I don’t know the difference except for price

Raw Feared says:


dome killa says:

Anybody know a great herb vaporizer for 100 bucks?

Sarah Smith says:

Why didn’t you inhale the vapour from the crumble?

Charles Michael says:

Forgive this beginner’s question but advantage is there to varying temp settings. Whats the difference in a puff on high heat vs low or medium? Thanks

project404 says:

Will this work with Resin?

quizlixx says:

ordered one of these bad dudes today, pretty jazzed for it to arrive

Sam Green says:

Appreciate you making this video, albeit many moons ago.   Not a big fan of stainless slippery vape pens, so when my Hypnos Zero arrived today, first thing I did was wrap it in Talongrip rubber grip tape.    TalonGrip is the thinnest rubber tape, and it’s immune to solvents, sweat and saline in any concentration, and can handle high heat.   Took a quick pic of it, link is below.

A Crafty Sloth says:

Why do you guys use all these filters

Frank Jordan says:

Hey man great review! I just bought a Hypnos zero and can’t get hits nearly as large as the ones you were blowing, is there a technique to inhaling/packing it?

Grant Russell says:

Does the vapor smell like marijuana? Will people around be able to smell pot on you?

oLParadox says:

i liked the video but you couldn’t have made this sound any more scripted

MasterBabo says:

the price only reasonable if u ask me, but in the other hand, i’m used to being fucked in every motion possible here in Holland so who am i to say whats good. nice video review though.

fica Pavlovic says:

can you get high really high from it.???

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