Linx Hypnos Zero Vape Pen Review

My Linx Hypnos Zero Review

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smellslike kevinbacon says:

great review. just got my hypnos yesterday and i love it.

Wetspot Isda says:

I thought the point was to find top of the line vapes! So yeah .. …. ….. … etc etc etc Minivap vs storz & bickel. With your old school vide, principles ( rating sheet & somewhat detailed videos like you did with top rated desktops and some of the Portables ) please and thank you or yeah stay up P.s have your wife do another video something different…

Luz Azul says:

Been checking back to see if you’ve posted the Vapman review. I’m looking forward to that review. How soon is it coming?

g0phuckyourself says:

Smoke weed errday…shit, I mean Vape weed errday!

Juan Martin S.Delaico says:

Hi good review! have you tried the linx gaia? what are your thoughts on it?

Joe Bueno says:

Will this work the same with budder, wax, shatter, etc.?

Peter Breau says:

Loved the pen at first but it doesn’t stand up to daily wear and tear if you plan to carry this with you on a regular basis. I never broke a mouth piece but went though 3 atomizers in 6 months (on pase for 6 a year). If you live outside the US the shipping options are terrible. If you still decide to order it don’t bother paying extra for 3 day shipping as it wont arrive on time. Its a waste of money.

There customer service is some of the worst in the game. I was warned about this by other users before purchasing but now have had the displeasure of dealing with them personally.

Smoking – 5 out of 5
Longevity – 2.5 out of 5
Customer Service – 1 out of 5

Over all I would not recommend.

spacetime says:

YESSSS. I really wanna see the fuckin Hercules reviewed. Honestly, do it.

mike night says:

can i put rosin in this?

Nathan Smith says:

Duuude why don’t u wanna review the focus pro?? me no understanding

Terpy Trich says:

can you please review the hercules on box mod of your choice

albert elmuza says:

what would be your top pick between linx zero, dr dabber aurora and kandy galaxy? i have a dipstick but not stealthy enough but great besides that

SwaggyT says:

Can i put clear in this??

M8ze says:

great review. waiting for a new oil pen review from you. I dont vape flowers anymore, not sure what to use for vapong oil on the go. want a quartz vape pen for oil if it exists.

Cody Prince says:

it’s an OK pen but there customer service totally sucks. they can care less about there customers. your better off with a Kandy pen

Draztik says:

Can I put oil in this one?

Jared6293 says:

Source Orb 4 > Linx Hypnos Zero

Charles Michael says:

Beginners questions. Do the varying heat levels effect the potency at all? Also, will this take vape oils as opposed to dabs etc. I am interested in CBD for medical reasons mostly. I could care less about flavor, just want maximum potency per draw. Thanks

Baltisimo says:

I have a very novice question, but is this compatible with CO2 cannabis oil cartridges?

Hvk games. says:

recently I have become sick and my doctor told be smoking due to the tar would not be a good option and edibles are to strong for me so I need to know is this pure vape like
no smoke

AlonStark says:

What will happen if u put kief in it?..

heals005 says:

have you reviewed the puffco plus

Sodaygo Cortez says:

I just bought this one for 35 bucks it’s 70 I came up

Victor Tous says:

Hi! This or the KandyPens Gravity?

Flappjacckk says:

How Xanax did you have bro? you speak how I imagine a sloth would vocalize. But amazing review either way, good job

Vanessa Clifton says:

what is that wax stuff? Im not all that knowledgeable about mj lolol

Yung Ghul says:

where do i buy this wax/ hash oil?

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