KINGPEN Cart Review

dont consume this product because……
*For Legal cannabis patients and adults only* (18+)

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Love u xoxoxoxo


ADUB says:

Were the reviews at??

onethree wemadeit says:

You’re very beautiful, keep making video’s

Andrew Bennett says:

Wow a girl smoker that actually inhales… you just got a sub

ricky wasaby says:

I fucks with this.

Top Kek says:

This girl is so cute

Mark Carrillo says:

By the way your beautiful

Johnny Segovia says:

Fell in love a little bit add me on snapchat BIGJUICYJOHNNY or IG @Jsegovia__

Bolt says:

you’re cute as FUHHHHCK

Donald Chase Jr says:

Your beautiful

Salvador Hernandez says:

Ill brop a fat nun on her face

Mark Carrillo says:

King pen is best!!!

Mike Vega says:

Lmk who needs carts. Got almost every brand and even shatter!! Lowest prices around and I ship aswell. come tap in.

pablo garcia says:

How does the throat ache mean its better than kingpen . Kingpen has less chemicals and shit compared to Royal Refinery idk why you would doubt King pen bc it didn’t kick your throat with some pesticides

mohammed babar says:

ya wildin nothing beatin fire tanks
shit is supa gas

Darvin Stjohn says:

Wax should also not move at all in kindpen

Eduardo Garcia says:

Fucking light weight

Alanii Godbey says:

I’m i the only one that thinks these videos are satisfying

JULIO ortega says:

Baby lunges

Darvin Stjohn says:

The more runny the pen the more cut and stretched it is … honestly if you can invest into a dab rig or nectar collector and get into shatter and live resin it’s a whole other high compared to regular joints and dab carts but fr be safe with those carts. I know a lot of people making serious money counterfeiting these dab carts just for example supreme pens are a joke that’s someone just using a brand to exploit their batch of thc pens

Idk man says:

What’s that snap?

Vizions08 says:

Where do you get the dab pen at for the carts??

Shan Santee says:

I recommend romulan grapefruit from kingpen

Mark Carrillo says:

Try eureka pen

Ryan Leslie says:

IG : kingpens420nyc NYC 24/7

Evan Hayden says:

anyone know why my clouds suck and its like no vape

Carlitos X says:

Any good battery suggests?

Adam Jay says:

I’ll buy those Jean shorts but I need to see how they look on you ….you know…for research purposes:)

Luis Homes says:

Idk about yall but them kingpens look fraud asf and im nowhere near Cali and know this lol Kingpens are in a BOX

C Hernandez says:

Let me kick you in the throat lol

Faradé 2x says:

hit me up

Bryan Bauer says:

It’s pretty fire and so are you!!

Evan Hayden says:

your packaging looks alot different then mine

lil Snuff says:

What’s your snap?

Ayman Venom says:

Jacob Cpeland says:

Where can I buy one?

Anthony Cruz says:

I smoked my first kingpen today

Roger Suavecito says:

Kingpens the shit , I was the first mf in my hood that started slanging them and my custies fell in love w KP, I had hella customers but then everyone else started slanging KP and now there’s hella competition.. smh lol

puertoricanboy100 says:

My god I think I met you in person. Obligao que si… esto esta muy raro. Pero algo me dice que si

XcLOUsive_ Gaming says:

Blue Dream is goat on that as i i few and king pen has been the best one

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